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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 12 March 2012

Today marks the day of another solar flare that is heading toward earth with a magnitude that can surpass any that has been so far. It has the potential to wipe out the area that includes all of downtown Manhattan and the surrounding 20 miles. I tell you this to also enable you to see what we are capable of when the need be. Even though this flare could cause great damage, it will not because the vibration of earth at this time is in a position that will dilute the energy of the flare and reduce it to a size that will bring about heavy weather activity such as high winds and heavy precipitation. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus and Hatonn – Wake Up Call – 24 February 2012

I am here to tell you a bit today about the situation in your world that involves the tyranny that has been exploited in the system of transportation. There has been an overabundance of elevated ideas about what is to take place in the transportation system and how it will transform in the new world that is coming. There are many ideas about what will take place and how the autos, trains, buses, airplanes, etc, will be transitioned into a new method of movement. Will we see this in the very near future and if so, how will it be brought forward? Will it make the present day vehicles obsolete and if so how will we be able to afford the difference that will affect our lives? Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 22 February 2012


I am talking with you now in a whole new way. I am speaking in the tongue of the humans on earth, and as I do I come to you with a song about the coming times. I am Horus, and in the way of opening this message I am opening you to a new possibility for your methods of communicology. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 9 February 2012

Wake up Call: Horus February 09,12   I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the time comes for the changes that will be taking place on the planet. As the sturdy bridges, mountains and valleys all collapse into themselves they will rebuild in new formations and bring about a new way of living. They will represent how you can surmount obstacles that have come into being in the time on earth and how easily they can be taken down and reformed to be advantages for living in a pristine world, one that harmonizes with your every moment.   As these mountains and bridges to other factions of the earth body are seen to be in rapid evolution there will be sanctuary within the earth and on ships above the planet. Continue reading

Nancy Tate- Horus – Wake Up Call – 7 February 2012

When I come to you this day and bring you the news that you have been asking for, I do so with the thought that it is about time. You have been seeing what it is to wait for things to happen and to be in remission for the coming times. Now you see that it is time to demand what it is that you wish to hear about. I am going to fill you in on a few matters that are taking place around the planet. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 2 February 2012

We will soon be seeing the many changes that we have been alluding to in the recent past. It will come on the heels of the coming arrests that are taking place and will continue until all who have been at the feet of the goings on in this world for so long are taken care of, and brought to the awareness of the public. When that happens then there will be an ongoing parade of changes that will skyrocket and bring so many people to a new realization of what they have been being told as lies and deceit. When this takes place then there will be a mass reorganization not only of the political, and financial systems, but also of all systems on earth. Not only that, we will see a vast restructuring of the way people look at their lives and how it has evolved to the point in which they see how they have been in bondage for so long. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 23 January 2012

I am here today for a short message about what is to take place in the coming few days. As President Obama reports to the world about what is to come for the nation and then reverberate out into the world, it is up to everyone to see the hidden message that is broadcast for each and every one of you. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 19 January 2012

There is coming for the world a huge turnover of incidents that will mean a newfound freedom for all of mankind. With this turnover, will come many uprisings that will tell those in the world who have held themselves captive in the negative energy that there is another way to look at what they have been doing. It will tell them that there is only one way to go if they are to enjoy a freedom that they have never known. If they do not realize that truth, then they will find themselves slipping into an energy that they have created and it will be shared only by others like them. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 14 January 2012

I am Horus, and I am here today to tell you of a development in the activities of the Inner and Hollow Earth beings. We are going toward a discovery that has been made in the industries of earth that is incorporating the indefinable elements with those that have already been defined as organic and helpful to your system. Those that are being defined, as I speak, are the ones that will be incorporated into the ecosystem that is in place. Together with the elements that have been defined and seen as being helpful to the climate they will be undergoing a melding in purpose that will bring together the powers of intent and potential to bring about a huge wave of cleansing in the energies of the earth’s atmosphere.

As I bring you this news, I also see many instances in which there are breakthroughs that are already bringing changes about in the minds of those who are investigating this. There have been many sightings of UfOs in the skies and when these particular people on earth see them, they are given many suggestions that materialize in their systems of intellect as reminders of that which they already know. This enables them to bring this to their consciousness and work with that knowledge to bring forth the formulas and intricacies that are springing forth in their laboratories. Continue reading

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 6 January 2012

Early one evening several weeks ago, from out of the blue I received information that some of the original Mushaba Tribe of aboriginals from the southern part of Africa were being threatened as they arrived in Egypt to leave to go to the Ukraine to carry out the mission they were on. I was told to let Anakhanda Mushaba and his family know about it right away so that they would then be able to tune in to what they knew to do to ward off the attack. Continue reading