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CommonDreams – Abby Zimet – Celebrating The Right Of The People To Be Secure In Their Persons, Houses And Effects – 15 December 2013

In honor of Sunday’s Bill of Rights Day, a group of activists have hung an anti-NSA banner over a prime bit of real estate: the road right outside NSA headquarters at Maryland’s Fort Meade. Along with the action by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, NSA employees are facing other pressures: Even the Obama-appointed panel of largely insiders is said to be urging curbs on (though continuation of) surveillance, and their bosses sent them home for the holidays with talking points to assuage disgruntled relatives – you know, “NSA’s mission is of great value to the Nation,” NSA performs its mission the right way,” that sort of thing. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at family get-togethers. With more protest ideas from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and other groups. Continue reading