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Lisa Gawlas – How Many Phase 1 Completions Are There? .. A Lot!! – 3 June 2013

multiple_earthsI think I am going to call these 3 days of June, where upper meets lower in the aspect of a figure 8, body deluge!!    The first day, my bowels took on the brunt of this deep inner cleanse, which was rather unpleasant, then yesterday… geez louise, I got a period.  My last period was on Valentines day when my body tip-toed into Menopause without any fan fare or drama, we just went… an intention I set long ago.  I think today, I am done with that period, but still!!  However, I would trade bleeding for the whole 5 days compared to the way I feel since waking up this morning.  I do believe I was decapitated in my sleep and spirit spent the night sewing on a whole new head, I wish they would have given me a head that had all its teeth still intact.  The entire circumference of my neck just hurts and is producing a radiating headache outwards. Continue reading