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Visionkeeper – Humor – 18 April 2012

I think more than anything these days we need to remember humor! We seem so serious and often down trodden. The creator did not create us to suffer in life. As with everything he did, he gave us the choice in how we lived our lives. Who in heaven’s name said ascension had to be grueling? Why can we not find humor in it as well? If there is a good cartoonist amongst my readers I challenge you to begin creating a daily cartoon about ascension so we can retrieve our humor from the trash can. yes the solar flares are very intense and rattle our nerves to the core. Not much we can do about them as that is where our information we need is coming from and we can’t stop them anyway. So we must remember to ‘ Glow with the flow ‘ as my friend J so aptly created. Trying to fight what is going on, allowing ourselves to become frustrated and agitated is a waste of much-needed energy! We need to conserve our energy for shinning the light. The above picture I found wonderful humor in and it suits me perfectly. Continue reading