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AdaptingToGrace – I Choose Love – 21 May 2013

ChooseLoveWhether it is a decision about which food to eat, what to wear, which invitation to accept, or which creative project to focus on first, I choose Love.

Since the late 1980′s I have been straddling the “world as we know it” and the Universal Heart Consciousness in my approach to everyday life. As a creative, I have felt for the most part, alone with my connection to wisdom through heart and vibration – until this year. Many of us fully woke up this year, through The One People movement and others, to the realization that there are in fact many of us living on Earth in this way – being and understanding through feeling and knowing. I had help with this way of being. Call it Kundalini. Call it extraterrestrial intelligence. It seemed to have an agenda to wake me up and commune-icate with me in ways that I had not read of or heard of before in my life. Continue reading

I Choose Love By Shawn Gallaway – 14 July 2012

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