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I UV – Top Secret Banker’s Manual – 2 October 2013

Bankers Secret Manual

www.i-uv.com / link to original article

I UV – Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : Anwers On Value, Negotiability,Dirty Jobs… – 1 October 2013

i-uv-logo(Lucas : Regarding the OPPT filings once again I say.. there is no OPPT official website so if you hear or see someone claiming that it is false. )

Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf: Answers on Value, Negotiability,Dirty Jobs…

Heather posted her responses to Henry’s Question in the Bankers Working With Eternal Essence room this morning October1, 2013 Continue reading


I-UV- Stunning South Carolina Ruling Supports Foreclosed Homeowners – 26 September 2013

i-uv-logoSouth Carolina Court Upholds Ruling That Foreclosure Law of U.S. Supreme Court Trumps Everything: Foreclosing Party Must Own Both The Note and The Mortgage to Foreclose.

Published by Jeff Barnes, Esq., September 20, 2013

“The Court determined that “Plaintiff failed to show that it owned the Mortgage at the time the Complaint was filed”, and also noted that the Mortgage shows MERS to be the mortgagee but that “MERS is never mentioned in the Note.” Continue reading

I UV – Did The Fed Just Legalize Pot? – 3 September 2013

i-uv-logoMarijuana Ruling Could Signal End of Prohibition on Pot

Published by Colleen Curry, ABC News, August 31, 2013

It’s legal to light up in Colorado and Washington, and soon smoking pot could be legalized across the country following a decision Thursday by the federal government.

“DOJ said that as long as states set up comprehensive regulations governing marijuana, there would be no need for the federal government to step in…” Continue reading

I UV – The Federal Reserve, The Courts And CRIS – 1 September 2013

i-uv-logoThe Federal Reserve, the Courts and CRIS

Published on Aug 31, 2013

The AIB Radio researchers share new information about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is tied to our court system. The people have been monetized. Continue reading

I UV – Communiqué Of The Holy See Press Office: Apostolic Letter In Effect September 1, 2013 – 22 August 2013






I UV – Once A Blue Moon – 20 August 2013

i-uv-logoThe Cosmic Story:  2nd Aquarius Full Moon, August 20, 2013

By Cathy, published on Wisdom of Astrology

Our collective culture states that a Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons in a calendar month. This makes no sense since all our original calendars are based on celestial events. What does make sense is that a Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons in an astrological sign. That event changes the energy of how we experience the Moon’s cycle. Once in a blue Moon then makes sense, since this change in the lunar cycle happens about every 33 months. Once in a Blue Moon indeed! Continue reading

I UV – Salon : Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake! – 13 August 2013

lynn_szymoniak-620x412.jpgYour mortgage documents are fake!

Link to video :  Lynn Szymoniak (Credit: CBS News/60 Minutes)

Salaon : Your mortgage documents are fake!

Prepare to be outraged. Newly obtained filings from this Florida woman’s lawsuit uncover horrifying scheme (Update) Continue reading

I UV – The Colbert Report : Global Terror Warning (NOT) – 7 August 2013

i-uv-logoThe Colbert Report: Global Terror Warning (NOT)

It is interesting to see just how quickly people are seeing through the miss direction and lies with the rising energies.

Link to video

www.i-uv.com / link to original article

I UV – Skype Message From Heather 8.6.13 – 7 August 2013

i-uv-logoHeather put this message into the RTS Skype room this evening PDT 8.6.13

[6:13:40 PM]  Heather Tucci-Jarraf: perfect….I love the part of the Elohim message…resonates completely…and with love I state that I say this from my heart absent me binding any other ;) (heart)

Quoting from Archangeloi of the Elohim Message for 5th August 2013 posted here Continue reading