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Wondering Who Am I – 23 October 2011 – Lucas

Standing in front of my mind’s eye galaxy I am wondering what and who I am.  I know we are lightbeings. But where do I come from? Is it the star that I say every night bright in the sky as I longed going home, Sirius. Or is het the beauty of the Pleiadian star system that is so prominent in the sky.

So I am just like a lot of you lightworkers and lightbeings searching for my roots. My contacts with Sirians like SaLuSa lets me think I am Sirian. The getting mentioned in a Pleiadian channeling is making me think otherwise. For sure I know that most  humans on this planet have one or more parts of or are having mixed DNA in our life form from other Space lifeforms. Some parts active some dormant. So the most dominant part of your heritage is what you will be attracted to the most. That is what you will be learning in feeling intuitive and not with your mind. Continue reading