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ZeroHedge – George Washington – Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong – 25 August 2012

Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz notes:

What Iceland did was right. It would have been wrong to burden future generations with the mistakes of the financial system.

Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman writes: Continue reading


Lucas – NEWS UPDATE – On The Prosperity Packages And Reevaluation Of Currencies – 19 March 2012

In my recent post with link http://wp.me/p1H4zR-2uf  I told about the news I received in various e-mails about a probable NESARA, abundance program or spreading of prosperity packages now going on.

In the new info I have been given I have understood that there are several things going on.  Behind the screens some currencies have been reevaluated already.  The world currencies will follow suit soon.  The reevaluation will be per country on its  indicated  national GNP – Gross National Product or the assets/ derivatives  the country has.  This will take as of today till end of month 31 March 2o12. I have understood that new currencies will be backed in a mix of precious metals and derivates. From gold, silver, copper, till oil, gas, grain, cacao, etc.  There is already wealth spread as for example Iceland has been paying off the IMF with 20% of its debt by means of foreign money coming in. Also prosperity packages are spread.

What you should not do is gonna call your bank about this or even ask for a prosperity package. The  whole operation behind it will be disturbed. The most banks are not informed about this. So be patient. The information about the whole operation will be communicated to you soon. This may differ a bit from my intel as I have not all the answers. I just try to explain what I have been getting on this wonderful news if true.  So do not shoot the messenger. I hope the news I have got is 100% true. But I can not vouch for it for the 100%.  I am very confident that it is true. We will wait and see.

Love and Light,


P.S.  I had a sentence broken off saying e………. this is corrected now  in  = “reeavaluated already”.  Also I speak of NESARA – I mention this as a lot of people only have heard about this as the abundance program, but is spoken by many names: like the abundance program, the Saint Germain Trust, The Prosperity Fund, etc.  In my opinion NESARA will not be implemented like the exact stated text of the law. As mentioned in many writings and channelings  it will be a form of abundance program that will have first of all have not the name NESARA and second of all it will be only at first about the new value backed currency and spreading of abundance over all people. The other reforms mentioned in NESARA like government, etc.,  will be rolled out in a parallel or later track.  See the NESARA law as a guideline for what is  all to come.

Iceland Bullied Over Bank Debt

Iceland Bullied Over Bank Debt via Infowars.com first published 6th september 2011


My Comment: Bullied the wrong one. Iceland has shown grateness in being the small David against Goliath who stood for no more paying for something the people of Iceland haven’t been causing.


Iceland citizens write a new constitution through online collaboration

Iceland citizens write a new constitution through online collaboration.