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Ron Van Dyke – If Everyone Loved Everybody – 19 January 2013

Uploaded  on 19 January 2013 by paradoxman316 What a wonderful world it would be! Do you know what? It’s happening! Love is spreading all over the world, even among supposed enemies. It’s happening in Nature; and, most amazingly, it happening among humans too. Yesterday I mentioned the TED Talk, Israel & Iran: A Love Story told by Ronny Edry. For those that took time to watch and listen, you saw how it is spreading. If that is not encouraging, I don’t know what is. Let’s help this become contagious. Are you up for it? Spread the Love everywhere, even to those you see as “different” than you. We CAN change the world, one picture, one smile, one kind word, one hug at at time…on social media and in person. Now, we need to get those crazy people that think they are in charge of the world to awaken to Love as well: “We’re not ready to die in your wars”. This is the new reality! [TED Talk link, http://youtu.be/6Lp-NMaU0r8]