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Lucas – Judgement And Claiming – “If You Judge People You Have No Time To Love Them” – 26 November 2011

In this article I address me  observing the judgement and  claiming of things around me. I see people who say to represent the light and love and  or  are in contact with other lightbeings stating they are the only ones and others are fake or implying under so-called discernment that they would be not real or might not be and by that putting them into a bad light.  Also statements I see coming up on fora and in blogs as: “I have been told you to say that by…………………..” Then there are the judgments also by many in claiming. They claim telling the universal truth and make statements of being the righteous ones. This you can see like the still ongoing fights and wars  over bible and other holy book interpretations  or prophecies holding every post or article against the light of what has been said in their way of thinking in therefore their truth. This need not be your truth.  Continue reading