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Lisa Gawlas – Igniting The Once Dormant DNA Codes Of Bright Light!! – 25 October 2014

lisagawlas2Well just holy flipping wow batman, we have gotten so damn exciting, so flipping clear like never before!!  But also, our focus equally must be like it never was before as well.  But, before I get into all that, lets talk about how the field itself has changed post eclipse.

The new earth, which, up until the eclipse has been consistently set up separate from the reading field, off to the right (slight future) and appearing as its own world, separate from what I call the reading field, my back yard.  With all of yesterdays connections, that has changed, the new earth is now everywhere I read from, but not earthy looking yet.  Still energetic, but thick and solidifying as we move forward.  We, the humans, on the other hand are still slightly to the right.  I cannot believe this just donned on me, directly in the East field, spring, new growth, new beginnings, new adventures.  I knew everyone was just to the right of my back door, but I was so busy being excited at what I see and the incredibly clarity coming thru everyone’s teams, I never once thought about the significance of placement. Continue reading