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I-UV Sweden – Oliver Troll – Implications Of An Announcement…- 17 February 2014

I-UV Sweden

Courtney Brown is a Remote Viewer that put out claims about an announcement that would be made in February. I have no clue which announcement he is talking about but giving these times I find it interesting and want to share this. If you don’t know what Remote Viewing is I suggest you look it up on Google. Courtney holds a Ph.D. and is one of the driving forces behind The Farsight Institute
The military of the major players the US and Russia have used this technique for many years it’s part of their black ops programs. I would think this is a way for Courtney to show that Remote Viewing works – he is posting the below on his FB page. Comments are open – connect the dots! ~OT“Something important is going to happen sometime next month, February 2014. Nothing can stop it now. There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement. Part of that announcement will happen on this Facebook page, right here. In the beginning, only a few will understand the significance of the announcement, and what it means for all of humanity currently living on this planet. Some will laugh, and some will cry. But in time, the world will come to know that life on Earth changed significantly on that day in February 2014. A mystery that has confused our civilization for thousands of years will find an answer. And from that answer, a new direction for the future growth of our species will arise.” Continue reading