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In Europe Refugees Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent – 27 October 2014

RT logoMark Bergfeld is a writer and activist based in Cologne, Germany and London, UK. He tweets @mdbergfeld

Between October 13 and this Sunday October 26, more than 18,000 police officers were deployed all across Europe in an operation cryptically labeled “Mos Maiorum” which translates into “according to our forefathers’ custom.”

The operation initiated by the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union sought to record migration movements in the hope to crack down on human trafficking and smuggling rings operating within the EU’s borders.

In reality the police action amounted to nothing less than a racial profiling exercise on an unprecedented scale. Migrants and refugees without valid papers or residence permits were detained and faced blanket criminalization. Ironically, even FRONTEX distanced itself from this operation.

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