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Merck Vaccine Scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman Admitted Presence Of Viruses In Vaccines

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of viruses in vaccines. via Niburunews.com

Keeping yourselves in the Light!

Keep Yourselves in the Light!

I know how difficult it can be not being sucked into the negative stream. Stopping one self  being negative when one is  agitated, or disappointed, one is being done injustice or called names, one is not being recognised for  what you are or do, one being in tears and sorrow or pain over the losses when disaster struck all that is a heavy burden.  So I know how it feels to lose control over things and not being able to do anything about them.

In those times it is an achievement to stay calm, centered and in the Light.  But it will help you see things in perspective and in the Now.  It helps if you try to avoid the negative sources that triggered those emotions or feelings. A lot of negativity is often reinforced by the media. So if you can then let not the news and papers you feed more feelings and emotions that are negative. And never feed fear. Where there is Light, there cannot be darkness. Where there is unconditional Love nothing will perish and  will be shown. You will be helped if you open up to that what the Source you has to give and is in abundance  for everyone available.

See the dark tunnel that shows its end  as a bright light. Just  think of that light not being far away but in front of you in the beginning of that tunnel. See how you can take things that seem so unreachable for you at a  grasp. The Now is where you have to be and stay. Live the moment and what has been is yesterdays news. What is going to be is the future and not Now.

Keeping yourselves in the Light is what you need to do and even if you  are trying and don´t succeed at first keep trying. You will make it.

Love and Light,