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Food, Inc. – Industrial Chicken Farmers – 27 July 2014

(Lucas : This was in 2010, 4 years later there is still this industrial chicken bought by you without any animal worthy keeping, kept in conditions that makes them need antibiotics. Those chickens  are fed to grow faster than they would normally if kept in natural conditions. We also forget the healthcare problems of the sick animals as disease spreads more easily and we forget the slaughter and prep for consumption that also goes without saying is not to standards…. Yes., whose standards…. standards of industry. The standards  that forget we humans need no hormones, antibiotics, and other bacteria, etc washed and bleached with chlorine away for you to consume foods… Wake up to the facts. You CAN have free range and organic chickens kept in normal conditions you also can buy locally and support your little farmers with conscience and a sense of community and sustainability. Wake up and make a difference now and stop eating and supporting this industrial meat from chickens, turkey, cows, goats, etc. Not even thinking about GMO manipulated foods that are pushed also with or without labelling onto your plates and are found in allmost all processed foods. We need to say goodbye to so-called conventional ways or standards by industry sold to your corporate government and to the regulators that are full of those they need to control in an “unbiased and neutral” way. We see only  conflict of interest and lobby or industry making bills to vote yes for on in Congress.  The new attempts to keep you from having proper food is making world (bi-lateral/unilateral) trade agreements and treaties that will force all the shit of the world upon your plate for profit. Your countries and industry are working on that also. We need to make the change in not supporting and buying the crap anymore. Get supporting local farms that want to grow and care for cattle and birds in a natural way with natural, organic food, no industry feed with even their own kind in it fed to them. Set up farmer collectives yourselves and get growing and keeping  animals yourselves as they should be kept naturally and with dignity and respect. If you want to be a vegan or vegetarian just be. Do not be terrorising others with arguments that do not add up either. As studies have shown plants have also memories and feelings. So if you cut or boil a plant for you food know you have killed also and if you buy still goats cheese remember the slaughter of the male goats that are not wanted in the pure for milk productions industry also. Forget all of your double standards and hypocrisy for ONCE. Get working on a new world as there are many ways to do it different in the NOW.  We can do city farms, grow food in our garden and in our homes (horizontal and vertical), there is enough space to set up food forests, pick you food gardens, guerilla gardening if necessary, not used lands could be used to grow permaculture food gardens and parks.  See there is so much more you can do than nagging or shouting at your governments and industry. Just do it different and not be dependent on those that will not listen to you only when they have no profits or no-one that listens to them anymore they will listen… You have the power not the system…. just get it…  The pyramid turns in an instant if you all are ignoring them, are not supporting that what needs to go: like your government and your industry that will not take NO for an answer. Change IS you not your neighbour or those others need to change… You all individually make the change happen. Try it even in the littlest effort you can make.)