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US, India Reach ‘Breakthrough Understanding’ On Stalled Civil Nuke Deal – 26 January 2015

RT logoThe first fruit of Barack Obama’s trip to India is the “understanding” which may finalize the civil nuclear cooperation agreement of 2008, which was supposed to clear the way for the sale of nuclear fuel and reactors to India.

The new understanding removes both the US demand for tracking its nuclear supplies, and US suppliers’ liability in case of a nuclear accident.

President Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi both hailed the New Delhi negotiations as a breakthrough and a new step in US-Indian relations.

The US and India have been in a deadlock for six years, with Washington insisting on tracking any nuclear material it supplied to India. The US president used his executive powers to waive away the measure and agree that from now on, inspections of India’s use of fissile materials by the IAEA will suffice.

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