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Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 16 June 2012

CVN Show Summary With Links

The full summary with all links can be found here:

The short summary:

1.  Defrocking The Vatican

2.  Euro News And Possible Cabal Surrender Continue reading

Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 9 June 2012

Please note:  Due to technical challenges, the planned newscast did not occur.  The show has been uploaded to BlogTalk Radio and it should be available shortly, or by Saturday morning at the latest.  The show summary will be posted on Saturday.

My apologies for the technical challenges but thank you to the people who joined me in the fun of observing an experiencing the wonderful challenges of the news industry and ‘winging it’!



Link to Cosmic Vision News – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio Show – 8 June 2012

Graham Dewyea – Steve Beckow – Linda Dillon – An Hour With An Angel – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – With Sanat Kumara – 5 June 2012

Sanat Kumara will be our guest to discuss the purpose and nature of universal laws, how things work in the universe, and what it means to us as we enter into a more expansive partnership with the heavenly realm and our star brothers and sisters.

Direct link to An Hour Of An Angel – InLight Radio Show – 5 June 2012 Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – With Mary Sparrowdancer – 5 June 2012

Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family with Mary Sparrowdancer, June 2, 2012

Mary describes how in 1988 she was approached by a bright sphere of light in her home which was proceeded by an out of body experience, astral travel, and an off-earth man that appeared to her to share information and insights which inspired her best-selling book The Love Song. She describes this being as loving, gracious and someone she maintains a relationship with to this day. She talks of how meeting him led her to the desert to work with a Hopi tribe, how he healed her cancer, and her experience of him during on September 11 when he was helping NYC victims on site.

Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade


Direct link to Our Galactic Familly -InLight Radio Show -2 June 2012.

Graham Dewyea – Interviews Dave Schmidt – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio Special – 17 May 2012

Graham Dewyea interviews Dave Schmidt who shares his personal story from conservative pastor and Republican State Senator, to Lightworker passionate about Ascension, unity consciousness and love.
Dave talks about his experiences with what many are calling “Ascension symptoms,” and shares on a deeply personal level his work to heal and raise consciousness, the importance of forgiveness, and moving from the ego out of duality to the heart.  Continue reading

Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 12 May 2012

Cosmic Vision Newscast
May 11th, 2012: Summary With Links

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To listen to the May 11th newscast: http://bit.ly/J5eAB6 Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family – With Contactee James Gilliland – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 7 May 2012

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