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InquiringMinds – Belgian MP Louis Speaks The Truth About World Conspiracy – 8 March 2015

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InquiringMinds – ‘Financial Knife-Edge’: Over 3M Households Fear Missing January Mortgage Or Rent Payments – 1 February 2015

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Published time: January 05, 2015 15:42

In a climate of “sky-high housing costs,” over 3 million households across the UK are plagued by fears of missing mortgage or rent payments in the next few weeks, a homelessness charity warns.

Research conducted by UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter reveals an overwhelming 60 percent of Britons say they are struggling to cope with their monthly housing costs. Even a marginal rise in interest rates would create a financial crisis for homeowners, the charity says.

The Bank of England (BoE) has repeatedly indicated it will raise interest rates in Britain gradually, but claims borrowing costs will not increase until Britain’s real wages begin to rise. Continue reading


InquiringMinds – The Trial Of Tony Blair – Martin Noakes – V2 – 22 January 2015

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Published on Jan 18, 2015

Please rate, comment and share this music video if you agree with the sentiment. It’s time for justice… Thank you. Please Google Tony Blair + Miranda.

This music video was created to spread and to raise awareness of information that is currently hidden from the people. It is a not for profit project and as such can be used freely as long as the message remains the same (non-profit projects only).

Download high quality MP3 here: http://www.songcity.co.uk/Downloads/T

Broadcast quality audio is available on request. Continue reading

InquiringMinds – Landmark Dialogue Between Ian R Crane And Ken O’Keefe – Here’s Ken’s Background – 21 January 2015

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Video  here (via link)




Kenneth O’Keefe

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This article is about the anti-war activist. For the American football coach, see Ken O’Keefe.

Ken O’Keefe

InquiringMinds – War Criminal Tony Blair: Force Is Necessary In Struggle Against Radical Islam – 18 January 2015

War Criminal Tony Blair: force is necessary in struggle against radical Islam

Saturday 17 January 2015

‘Tony Blair has called for a US-led effort to confront the “substantial minority” of Muslims who support terrorism, during a meeting with top Republicans that reunited the former British prime minister with hawks in the party who believe the White House response to recent attacks has been too limited.

According to a source present at a closed-door strategy session attended by nearly 300 Republican senators and congressmen, the former prime minister argued that force would be needed in what he called a “generational” struggle, but more important would be a “global alliance to teach tolerance” as millions of people in the Muslim world are systematically being taught to be intolerant.’

Read more: War Criminal Tony Blair: force is necessary in struggle against radical Islam

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InquiringMinds – Paris Shooting: Charlie ‘Magazine Murders’ Reveals Evidence Of Deliberate Staging January 7, 2015 By Shawn Helton – 9 January 2015

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SEE ALSO: Deadly ‘Cartoon Jihad’ Hits Paris Satire Mag – in ‘GLADIO-Style’ Attack21st Century Wire

says…A manhunt is underway after 12 people are said to have been shot dead at the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris – but is there more to the story?

IMAGE: ‘ A cartoon target’ – Inside the small offices of the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The magazine’s editor, Stephane Charbonnier (Charb) was one of the reported fatalities during the Paris shooting and is seen being interviewed above. (Photo link cdnds.net)

Planned Attack

We’re told that the main office of the Charlie Hebdo was attacked within two hours after they posted an image depicting so called ‘ISIS’ chief-cum-actor, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, with the message “best wishes.” The BBC and other bid media outlets were quick to capitalize on Charlie Hebdo’s uncanny Tweet, conjuring the fear based propaganda surrounding the new terror brand.

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InquiringMinds – The Charlie Hebdo Attack 7.1.2015 We Should Be Swift To Condemn Atrocity, But Slow To Jump To Conclusions – Tim Veater – 9 January 2015

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We should be swift to condemn atrocity, whether from East or West (and West has been guilty of plenty) but slow to jump to conclusions as to perpetrators or motive of violent outrages such as this one today, in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the French weekly satirical magazine. Recent history and events have taught us that, at least.

The reality is that these barbarous acts are embedded in, and cannot be extricated from, the whole Middle East mess, for which we cannot escape partial responsibility. The bottom line is that the role of France and other Western countries in Syria and elsewhere has probably more to do with today’s outrage than a few cartoons and the issue of free speech to which the public’s attention has been directed. Continue reading

InquiringMinds – Where We Pay For Example, Interest Free, The Value Of Our Homes Only, And Not Three Times The Value Of Our Homes Which Happens At Present By Way Of Banker Interest;- Rex +- 20 December 2014

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It is my hope that a world awakening to the criminal intent of those that have ruled this planet for hundreds of years, will push the private banking that controls each nation into the history books; and go back to using interest free treasuries; where the wealth within each treasury belonging to the people of each nation, could be used, interest free, for the benefit of the people and individual nation; where we pay for example, interest free, the value of our homes only, and not three times the value of our homes which happens at present by way of banker interest; with two thirds of our money paid into the mortgage going to the private bankers (Rothschild) in profit. Continue reading

InquiringMinds – FW: The European Union And The Deception Behind It. – Rex – 19 December 2014

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For everyone in Britain to watch.


—–Original Message—–
Sent: 18 December 2014 02:07
Subject: The European Union and the deception behind it.

If you haven’t listened to this it is well worth the 35 minutes.  If only we could get this over to the voters they might begin to understand how our politicians have lied to us and destroyed everything our country has stood for.



www.inquiringminds.cc  / link to original article

InquiringMinds – Dear Mrs May, I Am Writing To You Over My Concerns Surrounding The Recent Appointment Of Fiona Woolf As Head Of The Westminster Child Abuse Inquiry.. – Louise Collins – 16 December 2014

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Open Letter To Theresa May

Dear Mrs May,

I am writing to you over my concerns surrounding the recent appointment of Fiona Woolf as head of the Westminster Child Abuse Inquiry..

I am sure you are aware there is a public controversy in this matter and it is in the public interest that these questions are being asked.

  • Who made the decision to appoint Mrs Woolf to head the inquiry?
  • On what basis was she selected?
  • What was the procedure to appoint her and where is the procedure set out?
  • Was any research done into possible connections to ministers implicated in the inquiry
  • Is Mrs Woolf related to Baron Harry Woolf who refused Barry George the right to appeal in the Jill Dando murder?

Were you previously made aware of Mrs Woolf’s connection to Leon Brittan and his wife and also the goings on at the street where Mrs Woolf lives. Continue reading