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InquiringMinds – ‘A System Of Secret Governance That’s Intolerable’ – Duncan Campbell Reveals The Surveillance State – 15 December 2014

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InquiringMinds – ‘A System Of Secret Governance That’s Intolerable’ – Duncan Campbell Reveals The Surveillance State – 13 December 2014

Published on Dec 10, 2014

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InquiringMinds – [UK-911-Truth] Torture: Craig Murray On Poland’s Admission – Paul Barbara – 12 December 2014

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Craig Murray, ex-UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, on RT:

Poland: We hosted secret CIA torture prison:



‘And the devil led him (Jesus) into a high mountain, and shewed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And he said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them. If thou therefore wilt adore before me, all shall be thine.’ Luke lV : 5-8

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InquiringMinds – Fracking Nightmare – Episode 41 – 11 December 2014

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<a href="/channel/UCgqpf9YLh0UMRVmJs_eiBXw" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-ytid="UCgqpf9YLh0UMRVmJs_eiBXw" data-name="" data-sessionlink="ei=3k6JVK-JMoXecrvDgZgC">Ian R Crane</a>

Ian R Crane
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InquiringMinds – BANKS Expropriate Homes.. Neighbours EXPROPRIATE BANKS – 24 November 2014

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stop mortgage evictions

Linking the revolutions

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InquiringMinds – ‘They Live’ Star Roddy Piper Says It Was Not A Film But A Documentary And David Icke Is Right – 15 November 2014

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 Comments at around 59 minutes in …

Listen here …

Here’s the film in full …


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InquiringMinds – No Time For War In Just A Few Months, The World Has Literally Changed. It Is Impossible To Stress This Enough. It Is Now Divided In Three – 13 November 2014

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No Time For War
In just a few months, the world has literally changed. It is impossible to stress this enough. It is now divided in three: those who have nothing, those who are about to have nothing, and those who are building a future for themselves.We live in the second of those categories. We are “about to have nothing” because what we have is founded on thin air. We have two possible futures if government policy is permitted to continue as it is: either we will lose everything as the result of the final collapse of a bankrupt financial system, or we will lose everything having been taken into an insane war with Russia and China.

There is a “third way”, if you’ll permit me to use the term in exactly the opposite sense to that used by Tony Blair.


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InquiringMinds – Response Attached! Tweedle Dee Blames Tweedle Dum. – Fw: More Treason! – Mike C. – 12 November 2014

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Response attached! Tweedle dee blames tweedle dum. No wonder london is having a gun amnesty. We soon will not be able to defend ourselves against the police state dictatorship. What percentage of the public truly understand this? I would say less than 5% perhaps. Until people have boycotted the media, I doubt this will change quickly. Guilty until proved innocent will be the norm. Mike Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone —–Original Message—– From: “SALISBURY, Emma” <emma.salisbury@parliament.uk> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 16:03:36 To: lincspatriot@hotmail.co.uk<lincspatriot@hotmail.co.uk> Subject: RE: More treason! Dear Mr Clayton, Thank you for your email. Please find attached a letter from Stephen explaining his position on this. Best wishes, Emma Emma Salisbury Senior Parliamentary Assistant Office of Stephen Phillips QC MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA 020 7219 6487


link to pdf of the letter

—–Original Message—– From: lincspatriot@hotmail.co.uk [mailto:lincspatriot@hotmail.co.uk] Sent: 09 November 2014 09:49 To: PHILLIPS, Stephen Cc: SALISBURY, Emma Subject: More treason! Fao stephen phillips I have been informed that on Monday afternoon (10th November 2014) the House of Commons will debate the hand-over of 35 Law and Justice powers to the EU. These include the infamous European Arrest Warrant, used recently to handcuff and imprison the parents of Ashya King for trying to escape the euthanasia clinics. These powers – part of the 135 powers that the UK can opt out of this year under the Lisbon Treaty – are being handed back to the EU voluntarily, without a referendum. *They end the tradition of Habeas Corpus which has protected British citizens from arbitrary arrest for 900 years. *They open the door for UK citizens to come under the power of the new European Public Prosecutor, even though the government has opted out of this. *They constitute a clear hand-over of powers to the EU without a referendum. Given the opportunity to ‘repatriate’ powers, the government is doing the opposite – and again breaking its pledge to ask the people. What sovereignty does any country have when it cannot prevent the seizure of its men and women by foreign powers? NONE. There is to be a lobby of Parliament on Monday and I and your constituents will be watching how you vote in this latest double cross of the British people. Yf Michael clayton ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy first they make mad!’ Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone UK Parliament Disclaimer: This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorised use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail.

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InquiringMinds – Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed – Jim Willie (Part 1) – 11 November 2014

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InquiringMinds – Declare Your Online Independence Today – 11 November 2014

mozillaFirefox Declare your independenceTen years ago, a handful of passionate people gave the world something different — Firefox. Today, we stand proud as the only independent browser choice. We believe in an Internet where the power is in your hands. Where you are in control of your online life.We believe in your online independence. Do you? Watch the Video >>Declare your online independence todayJoin us in making sure the passion for a free and open Internet burns forever bright.

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