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Lisa Gawlas – Connecting With The Source Of Passion And Life, Inside And Out! – 3 June 2014

lisagawlas2I think we are finally getting served some meat and taters (for you vegetarians, tofu and taters lol) or maybe I am just figuring it out better, either way, I think I got some nuggets for this June/July energy life experience we now got ourselves into!  Of course it took me the span of two days and 10 connections to get here, but here I Am none the less!!

What I really was stumped over, was even yesterday, most was still on the south side of the field of June.  My first man on the field would give me (us) a complete understanding that became utterly clear with my last lady of the day. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Intensity Of Action, Inside And Out! – 6 August 2013

lisagawlas2Life exists in ever-moving waves of energy.  Very much like the ocean surface.  Constant.  Some waves are large and choppy, some smooth and near the surface of the body of water, but all moving and spreading outwards until it merges back into the ocean and starts again.  Each one of us too, are part of life’s movement, life’s rhythm and each within our own wave expanding, adding to the whole of the ocean, of earth. Continue reading