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Lisa Gawlas – Insights From Our Star Families!! – 27 January 2015

lisagawlas2There is, once again, so much to share today, thanx to several ET connections yesterday, even, if not, especially one that had to get rescheduled.  I will kick off this sharing with her moment.  She is one of my Jemez sisters and she was not home, instead, she was in the midst of traveling back home from California.  Her moment in time yesterday put her in Arizona en route to home.  About 5 minutes before our connection, I do what I always do, get up and go potty, my own way of clearing everything out from my previous connection.  As I got up from my computer to head to the bathroom, I seen a burst of colorful imagery out in the ET parking zone.  I suddenly realized it was railroad crossing image, blinking lights and all.  What the hell?? Continue reading