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Lisa Gawlas – Inspiration To Applied Action! – 17 September 2014

lisagawlas2I really tried to get a sharing going yesterday, but my brains felt like they were spread out as far as the sky and I could not harness enough mental matter to complete a sentence.  Naturally, I expected to have a day of rescheduling because in the past, that has been the way of it.  I know quite clearly right now, my biggest lesson is getting the hell out of expectation based on any and all previous experiences.  All 5 readings yesterday were clear, audible and understandable.  That alone is a huge shift.  It’s like my brains came together just for the readings and then went back into space as soon as I was done.  I was grateful and surprised.  The more I understood what was happening via the readings, the more I understood the spaciness, extreme tiredness of my brain waves. Continue reading