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IntelliHub – Sea Hosting 100-Million Year-Old Species To Be Site Of Syrian Chemical Weapons Stockpile Dump – 29 November 2013

IntelliHubMEDITERRANEAN SEA (INTELLIHUB) –  In what can only be described as a really bad idea, the organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is planning to destroy at least 1000 tones of the confiscated Syrian chemical weapon stockpile out at sea, which some fear will destroy delicate eco systems vital to sea and human life alike. Continue reading

Seven Volcanoes In Six Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other [video] – 22 November 2013

IntelliHubWow, Gaia’s evolution is on the uptick. It is what it is and has to happen. Try not to worry about it.  Don’t miss the video of Mount Etna. It’s better than fireworks.  ~ BP

November 21, 2013

A new island has appeared in the Pacific. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. The Japanese Navy noticed the explosions as boiling lava met sea water giving rise to plumes of steam and ash.


Colima Volcano. Image taken from Colima, Mexico (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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IntelliHub -EU Wants To Put A Carbon Tax On All European Flights – 18 October 2013

IntelliHubThe European Commission is trying to add a carbon tax to your airline bill

By JG Vibes | October 18, 2013 | 1:00am EST

BRUSSELS (INTELLIHUB) — The European Commission wants to impose a carbon tax for all flights using Europe’s airspace.  In order to gain access to airspace in Europe, airlines will now be forced to buy “pollution rights” from the government. Continue reading

IntelliHub – Troops To Stay In Afghanistan, But Demands For War Crime Immunity Denied – 16 October 2013

IntelliHubJohn Kerry demands that government agents get immunity from war crimes commited in Afghanistan

By JG Vibes | October 16, 2013 | 3:30am EST

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) —  This week there have been a large number of stories in the news about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that the mainstream media has reported on multiple different occasions that those wars have come to an end.

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IntelliHub – Fireball Sightings Reported Over Washington DC – 15 October 2013

Meteor ShowerMultiple sightings of fireballs in the sky were reported in the Washington DC area on Monday night.

Meteor Shower
(Image: nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov)

By JG Vibes | October 15, 2013 | 1:38am EST

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — On Monday night large numbers of people called local news outlets and posted on social media, about fireballs that could be seen in the skies above Washington DC.

Fox 5′s Greg Redfern and WTOP’s space expert said he and another person saw a bright fireball to the northeast around 8:25 p.m. Redfern says the fireball appeared white to him while another said it was red.

It was moving downward and was “bright as tonight’s moon” said Redfern. While he says his view was partially blocked by trees, he says it was a good one. [1]

In total, the American Meteor Society received over 60 reports of fireball sightings on the east coast of the United States on Monday night, stretching from Washington DC to Connecticut.

On the American Meteor Society website, similar reports were logged, and reported by the Washington Post:

* Marth Widra out of Glen Burnie, Md says she saw “an object that had a reddish fire-like ball with a yellow/orange tail.”

* Keith Cross in Hughesville, Md. says it had “almost exactly the look of a very large firework but was moving incredibly fast and completely silent till it burnt out”. Cross added: “it was the brightest object I’ve ever seen flying across the sky”[2]


[1] Fireball sightings reported in area Monday night – WTOP

[2] Possible fireball seen over Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Tuesday evening – The Washington Post

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IntelliHub – JG VIbes – New Thought Crime Goes Into Effect in Turkey – 7 October 2013


By JG Vibes | October 7, 2013


A new law will allow Turkish police to detain people without due process simply because they may be at “risk of conducting a protest”.

According to Hurriyet News, organizations which “tend to hold protests” will be monitored and their members could be detained by police if intelligence reports suggest they are planning to conduct a demonstration or action.

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IntelliHub – New Images Of Pakistan’s “Earthquake Island” Released

NASA has released new satellite photos of the new island that was created by an earthquake off the coast of Pakistan

Photo: NASA

Photo: NASA

By JG Vibes
September 30, 2013

As we reported last week hundreds of people were killed, and countless injured after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan on Tuesday.  Aftershocks were felt all throughout the middle east, and the surface of the earth has been changed forever.   Continue reading

IntelliHub – Government Wants To Ban Certain Tattoos And Piercings, Bill Passes In Senate – 20 August 2013

Photo: Wikimedia CommonsA new bill that just passed overwhelming in the senate will ban “non traditional body art”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By JG Vibes
August 20, 2013

Every day the government is making new attempts to take control of various areas of our lives, from our financial lives to our personal choices.  In one recent case, the US Senate just passed a bill that would ban certain types of body art and piercings.

Fox 16 reported that:

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IntelliHub – Portals Leading Directly To The Sun From Earth’s Atmosphere Discovered By Scientists – 28 July 2013

IntelliHubScientists at the University of Iowa, funded by NASA and the government, have announced that magnetic portals exist near the earth’s atmosphere, that can lead directly to the sun. By Cassius Methyl
July 27, 2013

‘Portals’ have been discovered, that function to transfer tons of highly magnetically charged particles. They flow from the sun and hit the earth, causing phenomena partially unexplained before. Imagine highly charged ‘storms’ of particles, energy from the sun flowing to the earth almost instantly. These charged particles that come from the sun via these portals, cause geomagnetic storms, and auroral lights. Perhaps HAARP has something to do this? Maybe this ties in with the ancient Mesopotamian texts that say ‘gods pass back and forth from other dimensions’ through the sun? Whats for sure is, scientists that actually serve the citizens and not the government, would find the REALEST facts.  Continue reading

IntelliHub – Fukushima Residents: Highly Contaminated Radioactive Waste Burning In Samegawa – 18 July 2013

Intel-Hub-Logo-I-1The following statement was released by citizens in the Southern part of the Fukushima prefecture in Japan. The information is far more than disturbing to say the least.

July 18, 2013

From the residents of Fukushima Prefecture; Continue reading