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Lisa Gawlas – Intense Light Infusion Underway!! – 13 May 2012

These last two days have been quite interesting and in their own way, progressive within the field of Light.  For us humans living in Light’s progress, it may feel less than progressive.

The day before yesterday there was a very prominent element to every reading… rainbow energy.  One lady’s higher self was cloaked in rainbow energy and at the same time, very fairy/angel like.  I could see her flying a few feet above her “human” working some sort of energy between her human, herSelf and the field of Light that houses the higher frequencies of life.  The only information that was given to us in this relationship was that she was being “readied” to live fully in the field and once there (in the field) the contents of Her West field will be released to her.  Of course… all depending on her immediate choices, but god forbid we they tell anyone what those choices are!! Continue reading