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Mike Shedlock – Merkel Casts Doubt on Saving Greece, Insists ECJ be Empowered to Police Nannyzone; ECB insists on Profits on Greek Bonds; IMF Takes Tougher Stance; Greek Socialists Reject EU Mandates – 26 January 2012

Amazingly, smack in the midst of deal to save Greece from bankruptcy, the ECB not only insists on taking no losses on Greek bonds its holds, it wants a profit on them because it bought them at what seemed at the time to be a substantial discount. The discount was imaginary. The bonds were trading at 7% at the time. Continue reading

A Interesting New Message On Benjamin Fulford ‘s Website. A New Financial System Expanding Fast – 22 December 2011

Comment by Lucas:

“This was on www.benjaminfulford.typepad.com  link to original article and Kauilapele also mentioned it link to article.

It was posted on the website but I do not know if it is from Benjamin Fulford himself. It is a story about the rapidly spreading LETS systems in the world. Some systems already have been succesful besides the old financial system now breaking down. The LETS System ( Local Exchange and Trading Systems) are already working in Europe, Netherlands ( Cyclos system), Spain (Banco de Tiempo), Canada(Reseau d’Echanges et Entraide Locale Canada), USA, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruqay (C3 system), Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica (PuntoTRANSacciones), Brazil (ComPRaS Business Network), also Ivory Coast, Senegal, Thailand, Australia (Services4u Community/Business Network) and many countries over the continents. They all already have some sort of exchange or trading system without money and NO-interest.  The systems work on a basis  of time, a certain value given to a product or service provided as exchange and all without real money.  Even Lets banks and internet based systems are popping up. Also Social Banking Systems within the old financial system that work with other standards without greed and not for profit  are getting stronger but will also go down with the old system . Continue reading

Lucas – The EURO-POUND Zone In Palliative Care – STOP Resisting The New – 20 December 2011

The general condition on the Euro zone and EU is getting even more critical as we speak. The mainstream media try to keep the scope of the problem out of the news. The Euro zone en EU failed to find the promised 200 billion to its rescue fund. Only 150 Billion was deposited or spoken for. They screamed out on the news to get help from other than EU states . They have no money. And it is not backed. It is fictional, non-existent money. Let them show us the 150 Billion in gold bars backed money. They can not, because a long long time ago this was banished to get a fiat currency system. Yes, a just I owe you note system. Which strengthened by immoral interest on lending fictitious money and debt as means of control has been instated to rob and enslave us.  Please do Not go to your bank and ask if they can get you some gold for your money. They can not. They even can not give any money to us all if we went to the bank all at the same time, a so-called bank run. This is now in many countries as in my country without people knowing a crime.  Do you know now why there was so much effort put in to get us on internet transactions and credit card or bankcard payments without actual physical  money in your hand as banknotes or coins.  A number  entered in the PC called credit is just a number and no actual money. Continue reading