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InvestmentWatchBlog – Global Currency Controls Will Cause Financial Collapse – 31 January 2014

InvestmentWatchBlog – Collapse! Get Your Money Out Of The Banks RIGHT NOW! – 27 January 2014

(Lucas: The call in the title above is from Investment Watch Blog this blog is not responsible for what others write in their articles or say and do in their videos nor is responsible for what they think or belief, ,my blog only expresses (different) views and gives a selection of news for your own discernment. See also disclaimer!)

HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals
Some HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing large amounts of cash because they could not provide evidence of why they wanted it, the BBC has learnt.
Bank blocking some customers from making large withdrawals without ‘evidence’ of spending need

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InvestmentWatchBlog – The People Are No Longer Believing Their Governments, This Is How It Begins – 4 January 2014

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InvestmentWatchBlog – The Beast : Obama sends Kerry back to Israel with framework for Final Peace Agreement (Dec 29, 2013) – 30 December 2013

InvestmentWatchBlog – LEAKED Confession: Cesspool Of Greek-German Corruption – 30 December 2013

InvestmentWatchWolf Richter www.testosteronepit.com  www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

Apparently, it has been impossible to sell Greece any weapons at all, not even a water pistol, without bribing officials at the Defense Ministry. Corruption is so pandemic thatTransparency International awarded Greece once again the dubious honor of being the most corrupt country in the EU. For 2013, Greece ended up in 80th place of the 177 countries in the survey, same as China. But it takes two to tango. Continue reading

InvestmentWatchBlog – This Could Be The Start Of The Greatest Global Economic Crisis – 28 December 2013

InvestmentWatchThe bankruptcy of the United States is now certain


1997 Asian Crisis Redux – Thailand Is Imploding

“There’s no near-term resolution in sight,” warns TCW Group’s David Loevinger, as “Thailand has entered an extended period of political instability.” This uncertainty has led to foreigners abandoning the nation’s stock market in record  size – and collapsing the Thai Baht at the same time. Why should US investors be worried? Thailand was the catalyst that started the 1997 Asian crisis, broke LTCM, and instigated the most epic experiments in central bank liquidity provision on record. With the Fed Tapering, both Indonesia and Thailand (and Turkey) are already seeing major currency collapses but of course, as long as US equities rise, no one cares (which is exactly what they said last time)…

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InvestmentWatchBlog – EU Trying To Ban Cinnamon – 27 December 2013

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : The test zone for the out role of the codex alimentarius that will bring all natural products, plants, minerals, fungi, vitamins, herbs, spices under restriction in use is already in place in Denmark. Where vitamins and minerals are already only to get by doctors subscription. The next step is to bring the rest of the restrictions in. Are we gonna let them do that or are we getting awake and active, the enslavement on all sorts of levels from corporate governments, corporate rule, gmo, healthcare and even now your food choice and own health care is restricted that much that you need to pay or have need of licenses or permits to do anything of course paid and enforced with police and officials and fines and jail sentences.The EU, Codex alimentarius, the UN- Agenda 21 and TPP all of this you should take peaceful action against fast!)

Brussels has sparked outrage in Denmark by proposing to outlaw their traditional pastries. Continue reading

InvestmentWatchBlog – Gold Vaults In London VIRTUALLY EMPTY As 26 MILLION Ounces Flow To China ‘NEVER To Return’ – 25 December 2013

InvestmentWatchWith gold trading below $1200 today, and a weekly close of $1208 very much needed today to stop a fall towards $1100 (as we pointed out here), it’s worth remembering that the big story for gold in 2013 hasn’t been the 25% decline – rather it is the fact that month-in month-out gold has been flowing by the hundred-tonne from gold vaults in the West to gold vaults in the East – where it is very likely it will remain for many, many years to come.

Read more: http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/gold-vaults-in-london-virtually-empty-as-26-million-ounces-flow-to-china-never-to-return-12311/

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InvestmentWatchBlog – Americans At Risk Of Enforced Cyprus-Style Bail-In – 19 December 2013

InvestmentWatchGovernment Using NSA to Change Amount in Bank Accounts, Warns Panel

Americans at risk of enforced Cyprus-style bail-in

Paul Joseph Watson
December 19, 2013

A White House review panel report into the activities of the NSA suggested that the government was using the spy agency to launch cyber attacks against financial institutions and change the amounts held in bank accounts. Continue reading

InvestmentWatchBlog – Budget Wars: The American Taxpayers Loses… As Usual – 14 December 2013