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The Times Of India – Iran Arrests “Major Terrorist Group” Linked To Israel – 10 April 2012

Lucas: This story I found on my list of information boards outside Europe, UK and USA:  It says to me a lot as Benjamin Fulford is talking a lot about Israeli  dark cabal trying to avoke a new world war. This peace of info that will not be in mainstream European, UK and USA information networks is a great example of what is going on. The secret operations and false flag events to make it all happen will be exposed and stopped as this is not allowed anymore by our galactic friends. It will be kept to a load of verbal provocations and maybe some loss of live. But that will be it. Now the new article beginning you can read by clicking the link in whole.

TEHRAN: Iran’s intelligence ministry said it has broken an Israeli-linked “terror and sabotage” network which had its headquarters in an unspecified nearby country, media reports said on Tuesday. Continue reading