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Ireland – Pension Funds Snap Up Bonds – 23 October 2013

Irish Examiner

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pension funds have snapped up €400m of the €1.377bn in amortising bonds issued over the past year by the NTMA.

By John Walsh Business Correspondent

The move was welcomed by Joan Burton, the social protection minister.

“I am keenly aware that many defined benefit schemes are coming from a deficit position and this is a difficult problem that requires careful management,” she said.

“The Government’s introduction of the sovereign annuity initiative provided an option which enables trustees to reduce pension scheme liabilities and benefit from the premium available through sovereign annuities over traditional annuities. I am pleased to see the uptake of sovereign annuities has been very strong, which confirms the advantages that this option has provided to scheme members and trustees.”

Read the whole story at : www.irishexaminer.com / link to original article


Mish / Mike Shedlock – IMF Ready To Plunder Spain; IMF’s Latest Trojan Horse Offer; English-To-English Translations – 4 October 2012

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says IMF ready to help Spain.

The International Monetary Fund stands ready to help Spain in multiple ways if Madrid seeks its aid, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday.

“If Spain wants it, we could help in diverse ways, for example by simply auditing and monitoring reforms negotiated with its European partners without the IMF participating in financing,” Lagarde told French daily Le Figaro. Continue reading

Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria… – 2 August 2012

(Part 1)Uploaded on 29 July 2012 by Continue reading

Montague Keen – 17 June 2012

My dear Veronica, it is never easy to accept that all that you had accepted as true is, in fact, false. The extent of the corruption is far greater than you expected. I tried to prepare you, by constantly reminding you that nothing is as it seems. Because people accepted what they were taught without question, they are now having difficulty accepting the truth. It is only when you have the full facts in front of you, that you can deal with the situation that has been engineered so that the corrupt cabal can take full control. Do not expect compassion from them. They are not capable of it. You have each got to be there for each other. Always remember, you are the 99 percent. Continue reading

Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge – Here They Come: Ireland Demands Renegotiation Of Its Bailout Terms To Match Spain – 11 June 2012

Well that didn’t take long. The ink on the #Spailout is not dry yet (well technically there is no ink, because none of the actual details of the Spanish banking system rescue are even remotely known, and likely won’t be because when it comes to answering where the money comes from there simply is no answer) and we already have an answer to one of our questions. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 10 June 2012


The truth of this statement cannot be emphasised enough. I have tried, since my passing, to encourage you to determine the truth of who you are. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 3 June 2012

I have promised for some time now that the REAL TRUTH would be exposed when brave men find the courage to demand it. The Vatican is responsible for criminal conspiracy and the most heinous crimes against humanity. The people must demand restitution for the victims. So many countries suffered at the hands of this barbaric institution.
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Paul O’Brien And Ann Cahill – Enda Kenny – Irish Prime-Minister : “We Said Yes, Now Give Us A Debt Deal – 2 June 2012

Kenny: We said yes, now give us a debt deal

By Paul O’Brien and Ann Cahill

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ireland should be granted a deal to lower its bank debt now that it has passed the fiscal treaty, Enda Kenny has said.

The Taoiseach insisted the yes vote would strengthen the Government’s hand in pushing the EU for pro-growth measures and a bank debt solution.

Read the whole story at: http://www.irishexaminer.com link to original article

Lucas comment:”It is said to see the people’s representative to ask for  more austerity and financial slavery for the Irish people, as a debt deal will not be less poverty but more.”

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Stubborn Stupidity, Fantasyland Thinking, Hopeless Bluffs – 30 May 2012

The Financial Times says Madrid in ‘game of chicken’ with EU.

I disagree. I think Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy is a stubborn fool engaged in Fantasyland thinking, unable to think straight.

The issue regards a proposed Ponzi financing scheme to recapitalize Spanish banks. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Fear VS Anger : Door-To-Door Fear-Mongering In Ireland On Merkozy Referendum; Expect Fear-Mongering In Greece As Well – 20 May 2012

Door-to-Door May Drive Irish Towards Yes Vote in Referendum on Merkozy Pact.

In a hard-fought battle to convince Irish voters to back Europe’s unpopular fiscal discipline treaty, Ireland’s deputy finance minister has the task of convincing the leafy Dublin suburb of Templeogue. Continue reading