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Irish Examiner – Firm With €613m Losses Pays Directors €800k – 22 November 2013

Irish Examiner

A property firm controlled by developer Liam Carroll sitting on accumulated losses of €613.6m, last year paid its directors almost €800,000.

By Gordon Deegan

Newly filed accounts for Zelderbridge Ltd show that €797,502 was paid to the firm’s directors last year. The directors are listed as Mr Carroll, accountant John Pope and David Torpey; with Mr Carroll’s wife, Roisin, and Noel Murray listed as alternate directors.

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Irish Examiner – Future Bleak For Those On Eurozone Periphery – 17 November 2013

Irish Examiner

The eurozone is at an inflection point. The crisis may have abated compared with the daily whirlwind that convulsed both markets and governments up to the middle of last year.

COMMENT: John Walsh

A calmness of sorts was restored in July 2012 when ECB chief Mario Draghi pledged to do “whatever it takes to save the euro”.

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Irish Examiner – Bank Chief Quits As Results Released – 15 November 2013

Irish Examiner

KBC chief executive John Reynolds resigned on the same day as the bank announced it is significantly increasing bad loan provisions for the year.

By John Walsh

In a sign the Belgian-owned bank has accelerated its attempts to work through its troubled loans, it has significantly increased the amount of bad debt provisions it will incur this year.

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Irish Examiner – More Credit Unions Face Restructure Or Merger – 13 November 2013

Irish Examiner

More credit unions will be restructured or merged over the coming years with at least another 20 so far having failed basic minimum standards.

By Juno McEnroe and Caroline O’Doherty

The Government yesterday pledged to support the troubled sector following the emergency takeover of Newbridge Credit Union by a bank earlier this week.

It came as Finance Minister Michael Noonan briefed his Cabinet colleagues on the future of credit unions as the Central Bank examines the health of 100 unions.

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Irish Examiner – European Union Criticised For Being Too Pro-Business – 10 November 2013

Irish Examiner

The EU is under fire for being too pro-business, with a study showing advisory groups are heavy with representatives of corporations.

By Ann Cahill Europe Correspondent

Trade unions, including those representing public service workers, are accusing the European Commission of spending public funds to promote a business agenda over a citizens’ one.

(Lucas: Didn’t they know that already it is not about people only about a debt-based slavery system and profits and power….so why complain..!)

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Irish Examiner – US Regulators Move To Ban Trans Fat From Foods – 8 November 2013

Irish Examiner

US regulators yesterday took steps to ban trans fat from processed foods like microwave popcorn and frozen pizzas, saying the artery-clogging oils are not safe for humans to eat.

By Kerry Sheridan Washington

“Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not ‘generally recognised as safe’ for use in food,” the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement.
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Irish Examiner – Berlusconi: My Family Feels Like Persecuted Jews – 7 November 2013

Irish Examiner

(Lucas : I am so sorry that Berlusconi feels this way…. Of course not… he brought it upon him by systematically ignoring the democratic rules , the  law, playing the controls himself and now he is outplayed he is feeling prosecuted…. really!? How sad you can be!)

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi said his children feel persecuted just as Jewish families did in Nazi Germany because he is being hounded by the country’s magistrates who want to eliminate him politically.

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