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– Ireland Said To Ready Bank-Debt Proposal For ECB Review – 24 March 2012

(Comment Lucas : An example of what strange things happening. IMF/ECB taking money that was not in first place real or theirs in and is in my opinion nothing more than  an extortion game.
When does this stop dear Irish. When do you say really enough.)
Here follows the article excerpt by Joe Brennan : http://www.bloomberg.com
Irish Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan will probably ask the European Central Bank Governing Council today for permission to effectively delay a cash payment on its banking debt, as the country tries to ease the burden of saving its financial system, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter.
The state is due to make a 3.1 billion-euro ($4.1 billion) payment to the former Anglo Irish Bank Corp., which is then supposed to use the funds to reduce its emergency borrowings from the country’s central bank. Instead, the lender may use the funds to buy a new Irish government bond, meaning no net cash outflow from the state. The bond can be used to tap funding from the ECB, the people said.
Read more http://www.bloomberg.com link to original article first published 22 March 2012.

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