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Lisa Gawlas – Is the Magic Happening Thru You Or To You??? – 2 March 2015

lisagawlas2Ohhhh I soooo love a great climax!!  I can also see why I need 3 full days to get to this moment of holy freakin awesome man!!  This is so good, so flipping in my face there is no way I am waiting til tomorrow and since my schedule is still in the air beyond my reach… why not do another blog today!!  (Besides, I was asked to do another one today.  Like you don’t get enough of me lol.)

I just came out of the most amazing freakin connection I never imagined having.  I tried working with my new sword of light crystal yesterday, wasn’t happening at all.  That was ok, I knew it was the last of february, my mind was flying around in a million directions grabbing puzzle pieces without much coherency and I know my reboots come while I sleep, plus, I will wake up in March!! Continue reading