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Israel, US ‘Boycott’ UN Session On Gaza Conflict – 24 March 2015

RT logoIsraeli and American representatives were conspicuously absent from the UN Human Rights Council session on the Palestinian territories on Monday. The session aimed to look into the Gaza conflict which killed 2,200 people in 50 days in 2014.

I note the representative of Israel is not present,” Council President Joachim Ruecher said as the session kicked off Monday in Geneva.

Tel Aviv refused to comment as to why its representatives did not take part.

The US, however, said that one of the points on the UN session agenda – concerning human rights violations against the Palestinians – lacked legitimacy.

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Israel, Palestinians Agree To New 72-Hour Gaza Ceasefire – Officials – 10 August 2014

RT logoAn agreement on a new Egypt-proposed 72-hour Gaza ceasefire was reached on Sunday, Reuters reported, citing Israeli and Palestinian officials.

“The Israeli and the Palestinian sides have agreed to the new 72-hour truce to begin serious negotiations leading to a durable ceasefire,” said a Palestinian official who is close to the Egyptian-mediated talks.

Israeli officials told Reuters that Israel accepted the new ceasefire and will send negotiators to Cairo on Monday if the truce holds.

Cairo called on both Israel and the Palestinians to accept the new ceasefire starting at 21:00 GMT on Sunday, in order to allow peace talks to resume, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement few hours earlier.

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Israel, Turkey May Sign Compensation Deal Over Gaza Flotilla Deaths After March Election – 26 March 2014

RT logoIsrael and Turkey may sign a compensation deal for families of the Turkish victims of the Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla in 2010. The agreement will finally put an end to the bitter diplomatic crisis caused by the assault.

Following months of negotiations, the agreement is likely to be signed after Turkey’s local elections on March 30, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc told Turkish Hurriyet daily on Tuesday.

“We have received a final agreement document from Israel,” he was quoted as saying. After the elections, “our first job will be making sure the compensation is bound by a legal document.”

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PressTV – Gordon Duff – ‘No Place Left In World For Anachronism Of Wars, Israel’ – 18 November 2012

The GOP, the “true red” friends of Israel are now “eating their own young” in a “blame fest” looking for scapegoats to explain why billions of dollars in drug money couldn’t buy an election in a nation long assumed to be filled with the ignorant and “unwashed.” Continue reading

Ben Fulford – BREAKING NEWS – The Feds Have Sued For Peace And Detailed Settlement Negotiations Have Begun – 9 January 2012

Lucas: “This news of Ben Fulford is wonderful. It seems all factions are round  the table now to talk an agreement for a new financial system. Ben Fulford apologizes for him calling the Conscious Media Network announcement Psy-Ops. This is also great then that means things are coming together now and a solution for the better of all man kind and Earth can be brought to light.”

Her is the news of Ben Fulford: Continue reading

Mass Rallies Revive Israel Protest Movement

Mass rallies revive Israel protest movement

Protests fuelled by economic and social grievances draw large crowds in Tel Aviv, but movement’s future is uncertain. By Gregg Carlstrom of Aljazeerah English News/ english. aljazeerah.net
My comment :
The land of milk and honey with at its roots the kibbutz,with the philosophy of sharing all things together, lets hear the people saying to those in power :Stop.! Stop fraud, greed, powerbroking and profit before everything. Go back to a normal system the people are asking for.

Israel Tries To Calm Crisis over Egyptian Deaths

Israel Tries To Calm Crisis over Egyptian Deaths


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Israel protests for reform set to spread – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Israel protests for reform set to spread – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Courtesy of English Aljazeera Channel

Israelis Chant: “Mubarak, Assad, Bibi Netanyahu”- Israeli protests

MBTJaieg-Rs   via therealnews.com

Tens of thousands of Israelis in nine cities pour onto the streets, demanding Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu resign

150,000+ Demonstrate for Social Justice in Israel

150,000+ Demonstrate for Social Justice in Israel. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com