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Steve Lendman – Israeli Iron Fist Ruthlessness – 7 November 2014

RT logoIsrael operates extrajudicially. Rule of law principles don’t matter. Nonexistent security threats justify anything goes.

Palestinians are victimized for wanting to live free. Demanding fundamental civil and human rights everyone deserves.
Protesting throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Largely peacefully.
Israel considers legitimate resistance “terrorism.” Justifying iron fist harshness.
“We will respond to any attempt to undermine the order and stability of Israel’s capital with an iron fist,” Netanyahu said. Warning of “a prolonged battle.”
“Jerusalem is not up for debate,” he added. Its mayor Nir Barket echoed similar views, saying:
“(T)he message we will send the terrorists (is we’re) here to stay. We will not budge. We will overcome the challenges and win this battle.”

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