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ITCCS.org – Special “Take Down” Units Move Into Action On Verge Of Pope’s Resignation – 30 June 2014


(Lucas: We shall see what and if things happen.)

Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they can harm any more children” announced a DAU commander attached to the Court.

“We have a list of nineteen top catholic and anglican church officers, including three Jesuits, who have participated in these ritual murders during the past year. Our orders are to stop them by any means necessary.”

The London DAU will take measures to halt upcoming sacrificial killings at Carnarvon castle in Wales and Balmoral castle in Scotland involving “royal family” members.

In Canada, DAU members are preparing for a similar action at Marie Reine du Monde cathedral in Montreal, where a major Ninth Circle conclave will be held on August 15.

This action will be accompanied by the proclamation of a sovereign Republic in Canada this autumn by patriots in Winnipeg. The Republic will provide the constitutional basis for the common law courts that are convening across Canada to convict child killers in both church and state.

“Crown and canon law are fraudulent and criminal systems, and so they are inoperative now in our country. We need the rule of law restored” said Colin Sullivan, a member of the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata.

“So we remind every cop, politician and judge in Canada that their oath to that convicted child killer, Queen Elizabeth, is officially null and void, and so they must stand down from their offices. Now they, and every true patriot, can be part of a genuine and lawful nation.”

Groups in eight Canadian provinces and in five indigenous nations are electing delegates to attend the Republic’s founding Convention, in Winnipeg from October 27-31, 2014. Information can be sought at republicofkanata@gmail.com .

A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at http://www.itccs.org .

Issued by ITCCS Central
29 June, 2014
http://www.itccs.org , http://www.iclcj.com

http://www.itccs.org / link to original article

ITCCS.org – Public Order To Comply Issued To Catholic Clergy – 27 June 2013

Uploaded on 26 June 2013 by infiniLor Catholic clergy are ordered to make a public oath to protect children and refuse to enforce the criminal church law called Crimen Sollictationas, or face public banishment and arrest. Issued June 27, 2013 by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. http://www.itccs.org

ITCCS.org – Public Notice : Canada Is Dissolved – 8 March 2013


A Legal Notice to all Agents of the so-called Crown of England and Elizabeth Windsor, and to all Canadians

Issued by the Governing Council of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (downloadlink  PDF) Continue reading

ITCCS.org – Citizin Arrest Warrants Issued Today To Detain Former Pope, Queen Of England And Other Church-State Officers – Property And Assets To Be Seized – 6 March 2013


Thirty officials of church and state who were convicted last week of committing and concealing Crimes against Humanity in Canada have defied a lawful Court Order, and now face immediate arrest.

Today, The International Common Law Court of Justice has issued an International Citizens Arrest Warrant, of one year duration, authorizing the detaining and imprisonment of these thirty fugitives from justice under the terms of the Court Verdict of February 25, 2013. Continue reading

Urgent Call From Kevin Annett – ITCCS.org – 22 February 2013

ITCCS-300x94 Kevin Annett:  Please translate:  We need volunteers to deliver a copy of our Common Law Court sentence and Order to the Vatican, the pope, and various cardinals, anytime this week – can anyone in Rome help do this? If so let me know and we will email you the documents on Monday. Thank you!
[22.02.13 18:54:44] Kevin Annett: and if someone can film the delivery of the documents that is important so we can post it on youtube and itccs.org ——-

Please contact the Office of the ITCCS Secretariat at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com You can reach Kevin Annett in Canada at 250/591.4573 .



ITCCS.org – The International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State – Genocide in Canada – Even The Official Whitewash Now Admits That Thousands Of Children Died … But When Will Criminal Charges Be Laid? – 19 February 2013

ITCCS-300x94Posted on February 19, 2013 by itccs

by Kevin D. Annett


Capitalizing on the distraction caused by the latest crisis at the Vatican, Canada`s state-managed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) sneaked into the media today its astounding admission that thousands of children did in fact die in church-run Indian residential schools across Canada.

But only 3000 of them died, that is. In short, a 2% death rate. Continue reading

ITCCS.org – The International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State – Pope Benedict Resigned To Avoid Arrest, Seizure Of Church Wealth By Easter – 13 February 2013

ITCCS-300x94Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation

New Pope and Catholic clergy face indictment and arrest as “Easter Reclamation” plan continues

A Global Media Release and Statement from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State  Continue reading