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Kevin Annett – ITCCS – The Verdict And Enforcement Coming Up – 21 February 2013

ITCCS-300x94(Lucas: This statement was made in a FB group by Kevin Annett – We will see what the verdict looks like this weekend or shortly thereafter.)

Kevin Annett: Hi everyone. An exciting announcement: our Common Law Court jury has finally rendered its verdict concerning the guilt of the Vatican, the Crown and government-churches of Canada for Genocide. The verdict and sentencing will be announced, I’m told, on youtube and itccs.org by this weekend. Then the enforcement orders will be issued, if the verdict is guilty: citizen arrest warrants, seizure of church property, etc. In short, this will provide a legal and lawful basis for all the reclamations and actions that we are preparing for, during Easter Week. Please prepare your networks and help this news go vira this weekend. Stand by!


So watch for the verdict soon to be published on http://www.itccs.org