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James Gilliland – 12/12 This Too Shall Pass – 13 December 2012

james_gilliland1Here it is folks, 12/12/12 the kickoff. While some are not sensing anything and have their TVs blaring with a few beers under their belt, those who are sensitive are going through the emotional ringer. Some are feeling agitated, some anxiety, and others overwhelmed with what they have shoved under the rug or avoided coming up to the surface all at once. It is an emotional rollercoaster. There are those who are observing, not reacting, allowing supporting the process of others who are doing quite well with the energies. Then there are those who are thick as a brick unaware of anything, of which sometimes I am envious. Yet looking back I am glad I have the sensitivity to feel what is going on with others and around me so as to depersonalize it and assist others in their process. I must say, however, this wave of energy is a whopper catching me off guard now and then, forcing me to go within to deep ancient wounds I thought were healed long ago. Continue reading


James Gilliland – Siran Message On 2012, Social, Economic And Physical Earth Changes – 2 December 2012

scatteredJamesG wrote:

These social economic and physical earth changes were given Nov. 30th 2012

They are what are on the books now and can be avoided by changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention or individual choice. They are not given to promote fear and all parties are to be held harmless from any decisions or actions concerning this information. We are living in fluid times, events and timing can change yet if we don’t get busy changing our destiny what is presently on the books will manifest. Be well Continue reading

James Gilliland – Unity Consciousness And The E Generation – 14 November 2012

The E Generation


There have been a lot of articles written concerning the E generation or those who share a common sense of entitlement with little or no energy exchange. I have mixed emotions concerning this issue. I believe a person has a right to food, shelter, and a meaningful fulfilling job and should be rewarded for service to humanity and the Earth. With today’s society there is a manufactured lack and great uneven dispersal of wealth, which cuts into these basic rights. The technology exists to take care of our energy and transportation needs without fossil fuels, which would free up much of the demands for labor and resources. This would also make available the transportation of food and materials globally at a fraction of the cost and a lowering of production costs. Yet what lies in the way of this coming forward? Continue reading

ECETI – James Gilliland – Poly Tics – 2 November 2012

 Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. This pretty much sums up modern politics.

Poly=Many Tics=Blood sucking parasites.

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. Some say it is a choice of a lesser of two evils. This still gives the illusion you have a choice. The two evils are both under the control of the NWO puppet masters. We have a one party system – republicrats – and no matter what they promise they cannot deliver if it is not part of the plan of the aristocracy, banksters and corporations. Just ask yourself what happened to all the third party candidates? Continue reading

James Gilliland – ECETI Message From The Pleiadians – 11 July 2012

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Contactee (James Gilliland – ECETI) Predicts UFO Behavior Caught On Three Cameras – 9 July 2012

Uploade on 7 July 2012 by . Continue reading

James Gililand – Buckle Up For June – 27 May 2012

It has been an interesting May with the Solar Eclipse and the alignment with the Pleiades, Alcyon. Several CMEs – coronal mass ejections – have also shifted the energies. We are seeing another major time compression where days seem like hours, weeks like days and months like weeks. Many are reporting contacts with Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, our ancient ancestors, as well as some of what was thought to be mythical Gods of old. In meditations people are seeing visions of Poseidon, now Prometheus, Egyptian Gods in what seems to be a great reunion. Prometheus the God of fire might just be warning us about the upcoming Solar Flares just as Poseidon warned us about the tsunamis in the past. Continue reading

James Gilliland – Drudgery Of The System – 12 May 2012

For those who are wondering what is happening at ECETI . . .

To make a long story short it seems the county has a real issue with people awakening and healing, living in peace and harmony as well as watching UFOs. When someone is living outside the box and doing a much better job of it than they are this seems to be a threat. If we were Baptists we would not be having these problems. I watched people being paraded about in chains [in the courthouse]. Huge fines being levied. Many people obviously could not pay them and due to their already challenged life were challenged even more by the system. Where is the healing? Yet they have the audacity to tell us how we should live? Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family – With Contactee James Gilliland – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 7 May 2012

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James Gilliland -The 9th Wave, Unity Consciousness and the Return of the Ancients- 23 Oct.2011

By Wes Annac via Link to original article comment from Wes Annac:  Very good advice here for anybody who is just getting into channeling our friends. Discernment is always needed, even in one’s mental channels!! Thanks James :)

We have spoken often of the 9th wave and Unity Consciousness. It began March 9th
this year and is increasing exponentially. There is a time compression in which
evolution goes into hyper-speed and things you thought would take years, decades
are happening in hours and days. All that does not align with Unity
Consciousness will be shaken at its very core. The separation game is over.
Scientists tell us about the unified field in which everything exists and is
connected. There are many planes and dimensions within this field existing upon
which are extremely advanced civilizations. This consciousness and energy on
high is pressing in on this 3rd dimensional reality creating enormous changes.
There are cycles and grand cycles all coming to a close making it exciting
times. These are the underlying forces behind many of the events now unfolding
as we speak. The cry for peace, universal love, the ending of the war and
disease racketeers, corporate greed and actions out of alignment with universal
law are coming to the light and the karmic consequences or action/reaction is
taking its course faster than anyone ever believed. The unprecedented increase
in volcanic and earthquake activity, erratic weather, super storms etc are all
part of this process. Masters don’t do boring things and there is a master
within everyone waiting to step up to these challenges or you would not have
chosen to incarnate at this time. We can greet these changes with wisdom as
Gods/Goddesses or as victims. We are all children of the most high, divine
expressions of the source and it is time to awaken and stand tall in our true
nature. Continue reading