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ActivistPost – James White – Own The Land-Control The Resources-Enslave The Population – 16 December 2013

Logo_activistpost-comOut West, the Feds Are Sitting on $150 Trillion Worth of Natural Resources

Most of us realize that the Federal Government has claimed ownership of large portions of real estate across this land.  However, few of us probably realize what a stranglehold the Feds have on many states west of the Mississippi River.  The map below will quickly illustrate my point. Continue reading

ActivistPost – James White – Agenda 21 : Blueprint For A NWO Takeover – 4 November 2013

Logo_activistpost-comBy now, you have probably heard about the UN directed intrusion into your life known as Agenda 21. Many writers, with greater skills than mine, have explored the true nature of what amounts to essentially a global takeover. It seems that evil has surrounded us. In the video below, produced by my good friend Kevin Martin from Mountain View Productions, Dan Happel covers Agenda 21 from its roots, all the way to its logical conclusion…the elimination of people. We are truly in a battle for our lives, and that’s not hyperbole. Please take the time to watch this video and pass it along… Continue reading