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Jane Evershed – The OPPTIMYSTICS Blogtalkradio – 5 June 2013

theoptimisticsCall in to speak with the host (347) 205-9129

June 5, 2013 07:00 PM CDT USA or  June 6, 2013  02.00 AM Mainland Europe

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Got friends in high places? Julien Wells does. This is going to be a fun show, be sure to tune in! Its time to get your surfboard out and ride the waves of evolution into the cosmos. Lets break the ice and learn alienation!!! Thats a joke! The new language is ONENESS! I am I UV eternal essence and heartspeak. Diane, Tim and Jane talk to Julien Wells this week, raising the bar on your potential, giving grounded support on the ungrounded! Get your shades on and give us the serious look so that we know you mean business! Continue reading


Ken Bartle/ Jane Evershed – Reports Coming In… Texas & New Orleans Courts Shutting Down – 7 April 2013

judgeandgaffelFor those of you who haven’t seen this from Ken Bartle:
Date: 6 April 2013 6:30:38 PM AWST
To: “Ken”
Subject: RE: US Courts close but not in the media!!!

Hi Ken,

I thought you might want to tell everyone that here in Austin, Tx last night I was speaking with a man who was perplexed. He said his brother had gone to court yesterday and when he got there, no one was there and there were no docs! Continue reading