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UFO Report – Scotland UFO – January 2012

uploaded by UfoShack 1st Jan. 2012 on YouTube

New sighting of Two fast moving ufos caught on video in Scotland.Recorded on a dashboard mounted camera from one of the scottish mountain rescue teams.uploaded today january 2012

Claudia Coleman – Tips For Transformation – Its Here! – January 2012

2012: —It’s finally here. With the ending of several major cosmic cycles, the year 2012 has loomed large in our consciousness, especially since the Mayan Calendar became well-known. Characterized as the ‘end times’ and ‘the shift of the ages’, this year has been anticipated with everything from fear and trepidation to joy and excitement. Capitalizing on the fear embedded in the mass consciousness, Hollywood and the mainstream media are ramping up their production of movies and documentaries catastrophizing ‘the end times’. Interestingly, a few of the more recent mainstream documentaries include speculations on the possibility that this is simply the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, that ‘the end times’ are simply a stepping stone to ‘new beginnings’. With the activation of the crystalline grids, the ascension wave is beginning to permeate mass consciousness. As Lightworkers we have a soul agreement not only to clear our personal energy fields of fear-based core issues and anchor the crystalline frequencies on Earth, but also to share our wisdom in loving service. Each one of us adds a single drop of Light-infused wisdom that ripples throughout mass consciousness changing it forever. Are you doing your part?

Until next month. Be well. Claudia.

via http://www.ronnastar.com  by Ronna Herman link to article