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Texas Trembling! Lone Star State Hit By 9 Earthquakes In 1 Day – & January 2015

RT logoNine quakes in less than 24 hours (Tuesday am to early Wednesday morning) have been registered by the US Geological Survey in the North Texas town of Irving, a suburb of Dallas, America’s fourth most populous metropolitan area.

The magnitude of the tremors were measured between 1.6 and 3.6, with three of them having a magnitude of 3.0 or higher. No damage to buildings or injuries among locals have been reported. Geologists say humans generally feel earthquakes with magnitude stronger than 2.5.

North Texas has suffered a wave of mild quakes over the last months, but the series on Tuesday was the “largest since the earthquakes started happening there in the last year,” Jana Pursley of the US Geological Survey told AP.

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Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 109, January, 2015 – Preview Of 2015 – 28 December 2014

rick2Rick DiClemente

Volume 109, January, 2015

Preview of 2015

In essence, 2015 will largely be similar to 2014. What is meant by that is that Pluto will continue through Capricorn, still in square formation to Uranus, in effect, for all of 2015. Neptune and Chiron continue to slowly separate as they still will inhabit Pisces. Saturn provides us with the big change, having left Scorpio behind for Sagittarius. The ace in the hole will be Jupiter traveling largely across the zodiac from the others, forming a “bucket handle”, all year long in the signs of Leo and Virgo. Continue reading

Jim Self – Planetary Update – January 2014

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