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Jean Haines – Michael Henry Dunn – Neil Keenan Update : Asia Beware – You’re Next! Josef Ackermann On His Way – 7 April 2013

jean-jpg3(A correction to our story of yesterday, “Neil Keenan Update: Global Financial Alert”: Josef Ackermann left his position with Deutschebank in May of 2012).

JAKARTA, April 7th, 2013 – Further confirmation of Ackermann’s gold-buying scheme has come to us here in Jakarta today from high-level sources, who report that Ackermann is working on a massive gold-acquisition project with United Bank of Switzerland and LLB of Lichtenstein, in an attempt to set up a new financial system in Asia. Given Ackermann’s status as a prime mover in the banking cabal and the notorious Bilderberger Group, and his key role in collapsing the financial system in Europe, our sources report that the cabal is intending to duplicate this disastrous result in Asia, using Asian central banks to turn countries into debt slaves, while raiding national assets. Indications are, however, that global partners are uniting to defeat this effort.

Joseph Ackermann 'shades'

Joseph Ackermann ‘shades’

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Jean Haines – My Blog Now Takes On A New Direction – 6 April 2013

jean-jpg3Let me start by trying to clear up what I believe is a misunderstanding. I think many of you have misinterpreted Neil’s work in regards to his understanding of money. If you read his most recent article, it is all about breaking the death hold of the cabal on us – via our money system. This is the same reason I long ago focused my blog on the financial aspects of the shift that is taking place and is perhaps the reason why Neil and I met here on my blog. I, like Neil, felt that when we broke this financial stranglehold, then everything else would fall rapidly into place: the abuse of our children, food, planet, working conditions, tax system (illegal in the United States and Canada; there aren’t any laws on the books – don’t know about other places), the out-and-out thievery of our incomes, our Social Security, the usury, and on and on. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Michael Dunn – Neil Keenan Update : Global Financial Update : Global Financial Alert – Race Against Time To Prevent Banksters Plan To Trigger Meltdown – Fear Of Keenan Driving Cabal Panic – 6 April 2013

jean-jpg3·         Central bankers secretly stockpiling gold through third parties in anticipation of euro collapse

·         Greek assets – even whole islands – being secretly sold off to pay troika

·         Check for $300 million signed by CEO of major bank is used to defraud global gold reserves

·         United Bank of Switzerland selling US dollars at 20% discount in preparation for collapse, while UBS bonds are discounted more than 30% in global trade, as banksters try to dump fast for cash now Continue reading

Jean Haines – Neil Keenan, What He Can Do – And How Humanity Can Help Him: A Response To BeWise – 5 April 2013

jean-jpg3* BeWise’s response to Neil and Michael appears at the end of this post. . . ~J

BeWise, Neil and I have discussed your heartfelt response to both him and Michael, and since he is very busy, he has asked me to respond to you. He has cautioned me that the ideas I suggest here are going to take time to develop. For instance, before anything else can happen, he has already shared that an audit of the Global Accounts must first take place. There are certain countries that are in dire need of help, and at the moment as he sees it, this must come first. Please also understand that my thoughts here are mine alone, that things on the ground could change – and do, often on a daily basis, and yet these thoughts also have his approval: Continue reading

Jean Haines – Breaking!!! Chemtrail Scientist Murdered After Going On National Radio (3 Part Video) – 4 April 2013

poisonEnvironmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.

1 apr 2013

Part 1 Continue reading

Jean Haines – Michael Henry Dunn – Neil Keenan Update : The Impact Of The New Evidence, The Power Of The Alliance, And The Fall Of The Dark Lord – 24 March 2013

jean-jpg3Please check back to view the video: It is slow in uploading to Youtube, but we are posting the article now. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA, March 24th, 2013 – Earlier this week, we informed you that crucial new evidence had come to light for Neil Keenan’s epic trillion-dollar lawsuit against the oligarchy.  The source of this evidence remains mysterious – apparently a friend who wished to remain anonymous.  The evidence simply dropped into Mr. Keenan’s e-mail inbox, with a subject heading referencing important documents.  The sender’s e-mail address identified a person tied to high political circles in the U.S.  – one that Neil might expect to have access to such sensitive material.  The body of the e-mail itself, however, contained nothing but a web address.  At that address were parked the documents.  However, the material on the site could not be downloaded, and could not be copied, but could only be viewed (a screen shot probably might have worked, but Neil is not a tech-savvy millennial kid, merely a paradigm-shifting hard-nosed global freedom fighter, so this option did not occur to him).  He shared the contents with our team, and we excitedly but guardedly shared the news with the world in our last post. Continue reading

Jean Haines – How Do You Think With Your Heart? – An Attempt To Answer A Reader’s Question – 15 March 2013

jean-jpg3Today, I’m setting other work aside to try to answer an important question asked of me by a reader:  ”…I need to ask a question. How do you think with the heart? I think with my mind and cannot get my head around this concept and it has been puzzling me for months. I read it all over the place, go into your heart, read with your heart, think with your heart. It would be most helpful if you could do a small piece on this to explain to everybody like me just exactly what this means. …” Continue reading

Jean Haines – Manning : US Army Like ‘Child Torturing Ants With A Magnifying Glass'(Full Leaked Testimony) – 13 March 2013

Pfc. Bradley E. Manning is escorted from a hearing  in Fort Meade, Maryland (AFP Photo /  Mark Wilson)Pfc. Bradley E. Manning is escorted from a hearing in Fort Meade, Maryland (AFP Photo / Mark Wilson)

A speech freedom advocacy group has released audio of Bradley Manning’s testimony about his motives for leaking secret US government documents to WikiLeaks. It marks the first time the public has heard Manning’s voice since his 2010 arrest. Continue reading

Jean Haines – Cardinals Want To Be Briefed On Secret Report – 5 March 2013

vats(Lucas : New Scandals and secrets surround the prelude of the new pope election. We will see soon what is the real face behind the curtain.)

Jean Haines – Neil Keenan – Statement – 23 November 2012

ean Haines : “Also, as a way of wrapping things up, let me say that when I awakened this morning, I was surprised to see that Neil Keenan had posted an interesting comment on my blog in response to Ben Fulford’s statement on November 12th that Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder were fired. Neil has been very quiet lately; maybe his silence is an instance of those who don’t talk – know. Let me share his (Neil Keenan) comment here with you: ” Continue reading