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ActivistPost – Jefferey Jaxen – After The March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors The People – 25 May 2014

Logo_activistpost-comIt is clear that we have just witnessed the largest single worldwide protest against a company and their products. What is also clear is the major public disgust for anything bearing the words ‘GMO’. Monsanto’s only refuge lies in massively funded mouthpieces in the form of news clips and certain public figures, combined with a legal stranglehold on scientific research and medical inquiries. Yet in the age of information, their propaganda is laughable. Meanwhile the townspeople gather, having replaced their torches and pitchforks with signs and banners. We see this time the battle being fought from a place of higher consciousness. Our weapons of choice are the devastating methods of non-compliance, civil disobedience, and free enterprise. It appears while the smoke is still clearing from what may be the final March Against Monsanto, momentum favors the people.

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