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ActivistPost – Jeffrey Green – 10 Ways To Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices – 20 May 2014

Logo_activistpost-comFood prices are getting out of control. As meats, dairy, and eggs climb to record high prices and over 50 million Americans are now on public food assistance, family budgets are being stretched like never before just to survive.

Yet official statistics say Americans only spend about 11% of their post-tax income on food.  I don’t know about you, but food is my family’s biggest monthly expense no matter what percentage of my income it is. I suspect that the same goes for most households reading this.

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ActivistPost – Jeffrey Green – Creepy CDC Video Promotes HPV Vaccine To ALL Children – 10 May 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe CDC claims HPV, short for Human Papillomavirus, is a common virus in both women and men, and can cause certain cancers. Therefore, the CDC recommends all children ages 11-12 (including boys) be vaccinated for the “common” virus that affects a tiny fraction of the population.

To promote HPV vaccinations the CDC produced a commercial called “Close the Door to Cancer” which uses creepy subliminal tactics. Over-sinister music and a smoke monster climbing on walls, the CDC lists HPV statistics aimed to scare the public toward the vaccine.

Did you notice the music and background shift from menacing to bright-and-sunny when the solution is offered?  The subliminals aren’t even subtle.

What’s more, the statistics actually show that an incredibly small amount of people are affected to warrant such a drastic vaccination campaign. According to the claims in the CDC video 14 million Americans get HPV, or about .045 percent of the entire population. Apparently that means it’s “common” to the CDC.

Of those 14 million, 26 thousand may get an “HPV-related” cancer. So, quick math, that’s only about .00185 percent of the HPV population, or .00008 percent of the overall population.

How can they even claim HPV causes “related” cancers when less than .002 percent get them? Who knew fraction of a percent is scientific grounds for causation?  Additionally, why should everyone take an experimental vaccine when only .00008 percent of the entire population may get a related cancer?

Even with these minuscule odds, the CDC refers to them as “common” and recommends all children be vaccinated for HPV to “close the door to cancer”.

This CDC video seems more like a commercial sponsored by Gardasil, mimicking their website:

One HPV vaccine—Gardasil—is recommended by doctors and health experts for boys at age 11-12 years old.

Also of note, the YouTube video has very curious statistics: nearly 1 million views with only 65 likes and 45 dislikes, and four comments?  This appears to be manipulated activity.

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ActivistPost – Jeffrey Green – USAID Top Scientist: “For The First Time Food Production Will Be Limited On A Global Scale” – 18 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe U.S. Agency for International Development is a government body in charge of taking taxpayer dollars and doling it out to foreign projects that will theoretically bring humanitarian aid to struggling regions.  No matter what one might think about the nobility of such a mission, the agency has been much maligned for its decades-long mismanagement and outright theft of those funds (see here, here, and here among many sources), as well as being in a direct or indirect position to enable the use of food as a weapon.

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ActivistPost – Jeffrey Green – Can’t Find A Job? Join A Timebank – 10 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comIncreasing long-term unemployment may be responsible for the booming gray economy. With the job participation rate in America at all-time lows, nearly 92 million able-aged adults are not working but are still able to contribute a service, even if that’s merely baking a pie. After all, people still have to eat and get services. Timebanking networks are evolving to support those needs.

Think of Timebanking as incentivized voluntary community service. TimeBanks.org describes timebanking as follows:

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