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Jelaila Starr – Niburian Council – Weekly Message – Personal Update – 15 July 2012

How many times have we asked our guides to help us make a change?  I can’t count them all but when those answers come, they sometimes bring about more than we expected.  I’ve been making this request for some time and yep, it has created a big change for me.  That’s why I decided to write this message today; it’s the first day of what feels like a new life. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr – Niburian Council – Weekly Message – 9 July 2012

Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Weekly Message – Establishing Your Truth In 2012 – 25 June 2012

Uploaded on 24 June 2012 by . Continue reading

Jelaila Star – Weekly Message – Don’t Shoot The Messenger – 19 June 2012


Being a messenger for an off-world group such as the Nibiruans, is sometimes a thankless job.  Delivering last week’s message regarding Obama’s future role was one of those times.  Readers created a new record for just how angry and vulgar they could be.  Made me almost decide that this was no longer worth it….almost.
I was just going to let the firestorm blow over and maybe not do a message this week, but then I received a request to do one anyway, clarifying what had been misinterpreted. So, I’m giving this another shot.  First off, let me explain presidential soul contracts. Continue reading

Jeleila Starr – Niburian Council – Update On Nibiru And Our Global Future – 14 May 2012

Been getting numerous emails requesting an update on Nibiru’s passing along with any global changes in store. Years ago, at the beginning of my mission, I was informed that Nibiru would be a catalyst for change. I was told that when a bright yellow/orange star appeared in the sky, it would be the time of humanity’s return to full consciousness. I think we are seeing that happening now. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr – The Carian (The Bird People) – 10 January 2012

The Carians
(the Bird People)

Parent Race of the Reptilians

The Carians are a race of birdlike Beings.  At their most evolved state, the ruling class of the Carians resemble humans with eagle-like features and coloring. Continue reading