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Lisa Gawlas – Jesus Christ This Is Getting Very Real!! (Smile) – 12 February 2013

jesus-christSometime last week I had talked about my “stray hair” dangling about in my core energy called my personal issue with winning anything on a lottery ticket.  The day my team told me that “we want to help you, but you won’t let us” and showed me what was rumbling around in my energy field… the very moment I seen it for what it was, I changed it instantly.  But let me tell you, being able to dispel discordant energy within myself from myself instantly has been a very long work in progress.  I had spent the first 8 years of this journey diving into my deepest darkest goo and changing it over time and with tremendous conscious effort… until doing “that” became… instant.  Of course, I get sooo excited when I see something discordant within me, because I KNOW, the moment I free that, it turns into the opposite!  It free’s a significant flow of energy within. Continue reading