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BusinessInsider – Jim Edwards – Quantcast CEO Claims Adtech’s Hot New $5 Billion Trend Is Ripping Off Clients – 16 May 2014

businessInsiderThe hottest new trend in adtech is “RTB,” or real-time bidding. And it’s often a way to rip off advertisers, according to Konrad Feldman, CEO of Quantcast, one of the larger players in the RTB market.

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BusinessInsider – Jim Edwards – ATM Receipts $1 Million Cash Balance Shows Tale Of 2 Cities In New York – 23 April 2013

Chase ATM(Picture : Tony Case / Facebook)

OK, so a lot of rich people live in New York.

We know that.

It’s not news.

But it hits home in a non-abstract way when it’s rubbed in your face at your local bank. Continue reading