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Jim Euclid – Il Vecchio Sentiero È Vicino – 7 May 2012

Here we are, at the start of something new. A supermoon has passed and with it, the rebirth of energies that continue to rise unabated. So many events will not transpire this year, such uneventfulness is like a surgical procedure where things go according to plan and therefore no dramas are noted. This is how this year is intended to go, not as a drama-filled score for the Illuminati, who wished to score every dramatic step of the players with music that gets the heart racing and the mind fearful of what was next to come; more fear, more insecurity, more clinging to the waistcoats of the old ways. Shakespearean plays like Macbeth and King Lear suit the Illuminati agenda – they are mostly full of fear and loathing, of wicked men and cursed avengers. But such Elizabethan acts are outdated. A new stage is born. Il vecchio sentiero è vicino (the old path is near) was a much lauded mantra by those of the Illuminati during the last twentieth century. But the old path, or more accurately, the old timeline, has evaporated under the drying heat of an influx of spiritual energies. Continue reading


Jim Euclid – The Virtuous Victorious – 8 February 2012

In her book, High Strangeness, Laura Knight-Jadcyk prefaces Gurdjieff’s famous tale about the Evil Magician as a syllogism for spiritual hypnotism under the Alpha-Draconian overlords. In this particularly dark and at times bleak book, the author has given a realistic appraisal of both present-day spirituality and the war against humanity’s spiritual Ascension. Were it not for the recent positive news by the likes of Alex Collier and Tolec, there would be little to aspire a spiritual warrior toward continuing the process of grounding the cosmic energies which are inducing the shift from 3-D to 4-D life. Continue reading

Jim Euclid – A Posse Ad Esse – From Possibility To Actuality – 31 January 2012

Meritocractic capitalism has emerged as a tour de force of the second decade (21st century). What this paradigm suggests is that it should be illegal for anyone who is untalented and rich to secure advantage over any political, scientific, religious or economic establishment.

Anyone expecting overnight changes to the current system would be asked to be patient, or else become one. The wealthy will be slow to part with well worn traditions. Boredom, especially within the poor class, produces its own remedy – violent action. Hence, creativity will occupy those who await the transition to Ascension; be it in music, literature, science, politics, economics. To paraphrase a great movie, if we build a new earth, people are sure to come. Continue reading

Jim Euclid – Australia Day – 26 January 2012

Sitting at home, when outside, patriots are celebrating either our nation’s past or more likely just enjoying their brief holiday from the work-a-day treadmill, I pause to reflect the sweet solace found in playing a piano with my daughter, especially when the piano is a plastic toy purchased at KMart for $20. The toy was made in that new and rising empire China, and within 15 seconds of opening it, my daughter had pulled off one of the black keys. Before long, she realises more noise can be made with a heel than a hand. After 10 minutes, the box the piano came in is far more interesting to her one-year-old mind. The world seems too fascinating a place for a child to obsess over just one toy. This is a recurring them e of sweet youth; the content being less important than the form. The eye will always be far more naked than the mind. Continue reading