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InvestmentWatchBlog – Jim Willie – Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default! – 4 March 2014

InvestmentWatch(Lucas : Just reposting it as it is such a laugh!)

“There will be no easy heads-up alert on the quick changes to the gold market. When the gold price starts rising, it will mean that China no longer has been given the big wide berth in high volume cheap gold purchases. A rising gold price will internally mean that the banks are breaking, at the same time the Chinese are to be frustrated. The Boyz are stealing all the Saudi gold now, left unprotected in London and Switzerland. The Saudis (and all Arabs) are the new targeted victims for stolen wealth in order to keep the system going. A massive disruption is coming.” Continue reading

IntelliHub – Jim Willie – Next Scandal To Break Is Leasing & Theft Of 20,000 Tons Of Allocated Gold! – 12 June 2013

GoldThe Gold manipulation will continue until the Gold market is totally broken, until the big banks that control it are totally broken, or until the USDollar & USTBond structures are totally broken. Continue reading