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John Machaffie – In Hospital Due To Heart Attack – 1 July 2012

John  Maccaffie – The Duke

Sad News

This is his son posting john machaffie my dad (the duke) had a heart attack today at 2:00 am Eastern time it was very traumatizing for the family and he is currently receiving care at bayfront hospital St Petersburg the doctors are very kind and professional and are currently doing tests to determine the root of the problem he is speaking but is being kept under nitroglycerine we wish that you all will pray for him and wish him well I will post daily updates on his well being.


(Lucas :  I wish John a great recovery and we will be sending love and light to help heal him. Love and Light to John.)

John MacHaffie – Deep Intel Down The Rabbit Hole – 10 May 2012


(Lucas: First this disclaimer to this message: I post this message even as I do not resonate with it but will post it for you.It is pure the opinion and assumption of John MacHaffie. As always discern in everything you read, see, hear as it might not be your truth or the whole truth or even a distorted truth.)

This another episode in the continued saga of what is really going on behind the curtains, from deep inside intel sources.

There are allegations of rumored Gun battles and arrests ongoing especially in Washington DC. Those being ‘rumored’ now under house arrest (Remove passport, restricted movement, escorted by marshals) as of now are the Bushes, Clintons, Rockefeller, Pelosi, Reid and a Cast of hundreds if not thousands in the political/banking arena. These are ongoing operations under strict security. Continue reading

John MacHaffie – Reports: Intel From Deep Down The Rabit Hole – 14 April 2012


(Lucas : Also on these reports I urge you to use your utmost discernment. We can not verify what those credible sources are. So even if someone says their credible that is not enough to be sure. I just see it as information and nothing more. If it is true we will hear about it or we will be presented with proof then we can say it is credible) Continue reading

John MacHaffie – Retired Judge Dale – Internet Guru’s BASIL III Compliant – 10 April 2012

(Lucas it is very informative and makes a good read!)


Remember the old PROVERB: ‘Knowledge is power?’

Well all of you Dinarians need to ‘power-up’ and understand a few things that these Internet Guru’s obviously do not!   The RV [revalue] isn’t just about Iraq and the Dinar or Vietnam and the Dong.

The RV is an international matter, which does not necessitate; require or focus upon Maliki or Shabbi’s permission or the United Nations approval or acknowledgment. Continue reading

John MacHaffie – Phoenix Call – World Is Dumping The Dollar Tomorrow – 29 March 2012

(Lucas : This article also was brought to your attention by Kauilapele  – http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com  link to article Kauilapele 29 March 2012. )

Now follows the original article from NESARA – Restore America -Galactic News:

Phoenix Call – World is dumping the dollar tomorrow Continue reading

John MacHaffie – Intel – GS, Markets, PP, RV & Nesara – 11 March 2012

(Comment Lucas : I can not tell all intel is correct as I can not check it, so use your own discernment. Though the intel is in line of the happenings and what is going on right now.)

(another fasten your seat belts report on Sunday 3/11/12)

This has been sourced from 3 continents from multiple sources:

1) Global Settlements – The sign offs in Hong Kong should have been done under extremely tight security. They all should be done by now, no wait – we are still waiting for the fellow from London (from about 3 weeks ago) and I honestly don’t know the real status. The fellow from London represents Europe and is the top dog —- and his life has been threatened by the bad guys over and over. He is the final one to sign. My respect and appreciation for his diligence on this matter. Continue reading