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John Smallman – Jesus – Establishing A Relationship With Your Own Deep Presence – 7 November 2012

Here in the spiritual realms — at the level of consciousness that prevails outside your illusory realm — we continue to assist you in your awakening process, constantly.  And I confirm that your awakening is divinely assured.  Release your doubts about it and focus on your powerful inner knowing that this is so. Your long journey home is almost completed and a grand welcome awaits you.  Until you arrive, maintain your course positively and lovingly, knowing that your arrival is imminent.

Life as way-showers and Light-holders is difficult because it seems that so few members of humanity are interested in the spiritual path that all, without exception, are following.  Consequently, you often feel very alone.  Nevertheless, every human is a spiritual being having a bodily experience, and that body, while essential for the journey, is very distracting because it appears to have so many needs that require instant attention.  If you do not take time out daily — alone with yourself, in contemplation, meditation, or prayer — you cannot find any peace, and your life easily becomes a constant and seemingly never-ending rush to accomplish repetitive tasks that offer very little satisfaction.  It becomes very grueling and wears you down.  Joy and fun depart, to be replaced by reams of unrewarding chores that you are convinced you must complete. Continue reading